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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

The Blues Room, Johannesburg - 7th September 2007

Linda Simpson writes - We've had a ball - and a little rest - we have walked down the road to the closest parade of shops to write our postcards sitting at a table outside on the sidewalk, we have had BBQs, long conversations, wonderful weather, cool evenings, fine sundowners - in fact it is some kind of heaven.

Arlyn and I checked out the music shop recommended by Christian (have I already said this?) and came out with the very last bodrhan in the shop!! Amazing huh? so there was no panic about getting one anymore - although we're not sure how we're going to get it to Cape Town and the festival..... love will find a way.

We did a radio show the other night to promote the concerts, the DJ, Benjy, was lovely and was pleased to have new material to play as the latest CD he had was 'Lord of the Ages' - not a bad choice if you're only going to have one album but hardly a cross section of the last 30 years! Our CDs have not been available in SA so that explained it - I certainly hope he enjoys the new stuff.

As ever we had a lot of fun 'talking to the nation' and we finished the interview with 'Old Man' which I did a cappella - starting slightly under the note I might add which will have sent some 'perfect pitch' types into the shower to drown me out!!! - sorry about that.

Last night was our first gig at The Blues Room - it was very good - the sound man, Derek, knew exactly what he was doing, Arlyn did a very tasty first set, 'Harris Tweed' followed and also did a very interesting and unique set..... I'll give more details about that later.

Our first night audience

We went on at 10:30 and gave as good an account of ourselves as we knew how. We just did the one set and so left out a few things from a normal evening. Matty and I also did my new song at the start of 'This time Around' - it worked well and we were relieved (having done it a cappella) that we were still in tune at the end when we launched into the song.... There's nothing worse than sinking a semi tone and then launching in so out of tune that even the most tone deaf individual would find his eyes watering! but all was well.

We finished on 'Paradise Row' which was particularly feisty and earned us a standing ovation (thank you for that) - we followed it with an encore -'Two Old Friends' - particularly poignant for Chris and I right now but we made it through.

All in all it was a great evening and we're looking forward to tonight's concert now. Derek has threatened to record it so that will be good.

As I write the boys are driving through a game park somewhere - I elected to stay behind today - sometimes a girl needs a breather!

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