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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Hugh's Room, Toronto - 11 July

Matt Barnhoorn writes - After months of excitement towards this trip, it finally came to the point of packing cases! In the early morning of July the 7th I set off to meet up with Chris and Linda in England. Here we had some time to see run thru some tunes before the next adventure: CANADA!

On the night of the 8th we packed our cases, weighed them, unpacked the cases, packed it again, weighed them. This procedure carried on till we've all reached about the maximum of weight… At least it felt that way the following morning (very early), when we had to pack up the vehicle to drive to the airport.

Once unloaded the car at Manchester Airport we found out that we were at the wrong terminal. We found some trolleys and walked our way thru the airport. We must've walked for miles, but finally we reached the check-in desks of Air Canada. To cut a long story short, it took us the full two hours to check in, get our instruments to the odd size and fragile luggage drop-off point and get thru customs and security. I've never seen anything like it. Ah well, we got there in the end and by the time we reached the gate, we could board straight away.

The flight turned out to be a very pleasant one. The films were not too bad, the personnel were very friendly and got us well sorted - particularly Paul, who sneaked the odd bottle of gin in our row, as he walked past (hope my Mum doesn't read this ;) Anyway, we had a blast without being loud and horrible to our fellow travellers.

When we touched down on Pearson Airport, Toronto, ON, Canada, we said goodbye and thank you to everybody of the personnel and collected our instruments, to be welcomed by our good friend Piers de Jong. As for last year, Piers and Ineke had invited us to come and stay at their place for these ten days. We drove down to Woodstock to pick up Ineke from here mother's, which gave us a brief chance to say hello to her as well. She is a wonderful and very funny person, with who you could just sit around with for hours, without feeling bored for a second.

Hugh's Room

On the 11th we had a very relaxed morning. Soon Ted Comiskey, organiser of the Canterbury Folk Festival and a man who in a very short time became a close friend, joined us. Together we had a nice cup of coffee, sat around, had a natter about the things that happened the last year and talked business about the festival and the concert we were doing that evening.

That afternoon we left the De Jong's residence in good time, heading for Toronto. It was a very pleasant journey and because of the road works we saw surprisingly much of the city's downtown. Not only the stunning Sean Tower, also we went thru China Town and Portugal Town, to finally end up at the Hugh's Room. Here we were welcomed be Ann, who was our sound lady for the evening. We set up our equipment and it didn't take Ann long to set a beautiful sound. I hope it sounded as good out front as it did on stage.

Not long after the sound checked Ted, Sherry, Ted Jr., Don, Lou Ann and Tom joined us. We all had a wonderful meal and after that Chris, Linda and I got ready to enter the stage.

Holmes, the owner of the Hugh's Room, made a little introduction and we were off. It felt very good to be playing in Canada again and I think the three of us did a great show. Afterwards we got talking to quite some people from the audience. There were people from all different parts of Ontario (which - size-wise - is slightly different to our European thoughts. It's a three-day travel to cross this huge state).

We said goodbye to our friends and headed off for Norwich, Ontario. A great time was had by all and I hope we'll be back in Toronto soon, as I'm sure there is a lot more to see, explore and do.

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