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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Candle Theater, Haarlem - 18th May

Linda Simpson writes - The alarm went at 9am. Nico had promised us an English breakfast at 9:30 and so we had to get our act together - it wasn't easy. It took much longer than normal to get going but it was a lovely morning and we were soon laughing and joking as Nico wrecked the kitchen and Trudi smiled at everything. The bacon and eggs certainly helped.

As it was a beautiful day we ended up sitting at the table outside. I'm sure Chris must have been feeling a bit grim and that could have been the reason why at one point he stuck his head in my little rucksack on the table. Matt was fast on the uptake. 'It's a sleeping bag' quoth he - we laughed and someone took a photo but I can't find it!!

At 11 we went to check to collect the gear, but a phone call established that there would be a delay because the owners were stuck in a traffic jam. We went back and drank more coffee until we heard that they had made it through and we could get underway.

Chris had a lot of errands to run and Matt and I wanted to get everything organized so that we would be able to pack up as quickly as possible when we got back in after the concert in Haarlem.

We got back to the cabin at 1:30ish and rushed around like mad things. Chris went off to do his errands. I managed to wash a couple of things through and get them dry and ironed but couldn't do as much as I would have liked. We have now done quite a run and washing is not always possible for stage gear, as you can't risk not being able to get things dry. I was reduced to hanging things on the line to try and get the smell of smoke out of them, but it was a bit of a forlorn hope. In short, our clothes were starting to give themselves up! We got the suitcases out and started packing what we could. I made a list of things I had to do when we got in - and things that shouldn't be forgotten. There were e-mails to answer, airline tickets to sort out; I almost had heart failure when the site I had used to book the tickets told me that my itinerary number had been cancelled - I thought that the tickets had been cancelled too! I called Swiss Air in England and they were so helpful it was amazing... the tickets were fine.

We didn't even have time for a cup of tea. We'd just about finished everything when we had a call from Jan - he had to help a friend and was unable to take us to Haarlem. It was not his fault and he had tried to find another solution for us; we fully understood that he couldn't be with us and we of course told him not to worry it was fine.

I was just concerned that Chris was dangerously tired and so Matt and I decided that one of us would go in the front on the way there and we would change on the way back to make sure that one of us was alert enough to keep Chris talking and awake.

Doris took us to the door but we drove past thinking she'd got it wrong (we were blind as bats and didn't see the sign).

It was so good to see them all again Rob, Tim, Jessica and Bianca (she of the white boots!) - it was all smiles and fun.

We set up and then Bianca brought in dinner - lovely big meatballs which caused the conversation to nosedive into the gutter with one smutty, but very funny, remark after another. They were delicious and I hope that Bianca didn't mind the fun because they were also very much appreciated.

The tiredness was biting in a little but once we hit the stage the adrenalin did help. I wish it was possible to bottle the stuff - I'd be drinking it every day!! Trudi had given us some Aloe Vera drinks and I think they helped too.

They were a lovely audience - including a very nice man who usually comes to the Witte Theater - I'm hoping we will see him again at the end of the year. We were probably a little less 'upfront' than usual but we did enjoy playing and there was still plenty of fun flying around.

Paul Stewart has become a very popular chap indeed and people are now asking to have their photograph taken with him!!

Our wonderful audience

After the concert we packed everything away and then stayed behind for a while to wind down. The family was lovely, Jessica said she's like to come to Switzerland with us and our Northern humour almost had her convinced that we would be able to do it. I hope that she realized it was all just kidding and there was no intention to lead her on. We would never want to hurt anyone but I'm sure that sometimes we do, as things must occasionally be lost in translation. Everyone speaks such great English that it's sometimes difficult to remember that we are not at home!!

Before we left we bought some lovely candles and candelabra - so you won't be forgotten folks!!

The journey home was a bit scary - our eyes were heavy but thankfully it wasn't too far and Chris did a great job in getting us home safely.

Once back at the cabin we unloaded the vehicle and then packed up the rest of the things we needed to take to Switzerland. We fell into bed at 3am... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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