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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

De Karroessel, Geleen - 19th October 2007

Linda Simpson writes - It's a long way to Geleen - it's just above Maastricht so we reckoned a 3 hour journey. What I didn't realise was that the whole of Holland was having a week off and it started today. It's the Autumn holiday. I hope everyone has a good time but why does it have to be when we have the longest journey?

Chris had booked to have some paint-work done on the 4 track and was going to drop it off in the morning and cycle back. I messed up by suggesting that we went and dropped it off on the way to the gig (to save Chris the bike ride). It wasn't that far out of our way and we could easily get to the motorway from there. If only I had known that even at 2 o'clock the motorway would be jammed solid with happy holiday types, trying to get away, but staying in the same place for hours because they had made the motorway into a place to park up and discuss what they would do when they eventually got out of the traffic jam. Or perhaps they just get onto the motorway and stay on it for a week - who knows?

Having no other choice, we took our place in the queue and inched our way down the country at about 5 km an hour most of the time. We were still trying to get around Eindhoven at 5pm when we were meant to be doing the sound check.

The venue gave us a call to say they were worried because we were meant to be there at 3pm - it was getting worse. Actually Matt had called them the week before and arranged to be there at 5pm so there must have been a lapse in communication - perhaps the person who made the new arrangement was also stuck in the traffic?

Matt in his South African colours, and Linda

We moved, we stopped for a while and then we moved again until we finally fell into the venue at 6:20pm - me apologising profusely for having delayed us at the start with my bright ideas.

The theatre staff were on the ball, so Herald on sound and Pieter on lights, soon had everything sorted. Mat and Jos looked after us really well. The sound was really good and by 7:30 we were just about there. Then we were told that there would be a support act - we didn't know anything about it - then we were told that one of us had agreed - we had?

It seemed a bit late for them to start doing a sound check and we certainly didn't want our settings changed, but in the end they managed to sort it out and started the show at 8:30. They were actually really nice people - and very good too. They are called Deep Assam and their web site is - we can certainly recommend them. What's more - they gave us the time to grab a pizza (yes another pizza - we almost live on them).

Matt and I got dressed up in the colours of the South African flag in support of the Springboks who were playing England at rugby the following night. I know that's not very patriotic of me but I'd rather keep Matt happy than the England rugby players whom I don't know personally. There is also a little bit of me that likes to support the winning team!

Despite the slightly stressful day we did enjoy the gig and had a lot of fun - lots of parrot jokes between Matt and I, and we were on good form too. 'Time for the Leaving' is back in the set and we did Airport Song as an encore (yes folks we got an encore). We're still trying to get some new songs in but there are only two at the moment - and we have put 'Fooled by a Promise' back in there too for change.

When I take the photo at the end of the concert I always say - 'If there's anyone who is with someone they shouldn't be with, now is the time to leave'. How strange that there are two empty seats right in the middle!

It was a lovely audience, they told us that this is the friendliest part of Holland and we had no reason to doubt that. The Stark family were there and we had lovely conversations with quite a lot of people after the concert.

It wasn't until we went out to the foyer after the show that we found the building was an old school - it really was very different and I was a bit sorry that I hadn't gone exploring earlier.

Eventually it was time to go home - we loaded up and started the long drive back - at least the traffic had all gone by then and we had a clear run. If I'm going to be honest I don't remember most of the trip back - I fell asleep!! Oooops!

Our audience
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