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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

CC De Westerkerk, Enkhuizen - 20th October 2007

Chris Simpson writes - OK, so we have to be there for 5-0pm, soundcheck time You prise yourself out from under the duvet and wonder why you wake up tired, guitar finger ends buzzing; and when you have been asleep for some eight hours.

It was ever thus.

The wrong kind of sleep I guess, with the late Autumnal birds chorusing through the pines and the sunlight striding through the lunchtime windows...

Jan Bor is ever on time. Our Dutch tour manager and a total gift from God. He and Matt laugh together a lot (not always together or in tune) and somehow we get there.

The sun sets over the Polders; ' Golden Earring' plays from the stereo. I STILL can't stand them, apart from 'Radar Love'.

The entrance to the venue

A long winding causeway acoss the water, an abalone sunset in the west and eel nets to our left and right.and the green and red port and starboard lights of the fishing boats winking out on the dusk, We enter the old town and find Westerkerk. It is shut!

I have a cigar; Lin and Matt and Jan check out the shops; the local yob rolls on down the centuries old sidewalk waving a ghetto blaster recycling 21st Century audio imponderables beneath gargoyed buttresses..

Ton and Joke are here, At last we're in. I marvel at the sheer feel of the place.

Quietly, you can still feel the paens of praise that have permeated it's fabric down the ages. Like, ain't we the losers now?

I go outside again just to remind myself of our world.

The dude with the ghetto baster is still riding his bike up and down the precinct, shouting at old people who like me, take in these ancient spires and peer at the apartment blocks over the river and wonder where it all went wrong...

Progress I guess.

Mystic symbols

The interior is something else.

The floor of the church is buttered tombstones BUT, Dan Brown would go wild, for they are all bedecked with mystic symbols, many of masonic origin and dating back to the C14th. Ton late explains that they excavated down some fifteen feet and found around 10,000 corpses. Did they move them? I don't know. If they did, why?

Is no one's sleep sacrosanct?

The staging and Neil's sound were just superb.

We checked it all out, allowing for a phenomenal echo amongst the stone pillars and walls. Neil had it well together.

A superb Chinese meal; we get changed in the church office, a glass of Chablis, and out go Matt and Lin to do their usual brilliant ACOUSTIC version of 'Who knows where the time Goes.' I join them on 'Gypsy,'a song I never tire of playing. We're off and I look out at the crowd and figure this is what I like doing best. On through the songs until the end of the first half with 'Fields of Eden'.

I tell them the story and draw allusions to the destruction of the green lands of Holland.

It starts, and in comes Andrew Jackson's incomparable voice on disc, with the soliloquoys read as only he could. Many a time I find the tears lurking behind my eyes when THAT voice of my friend cuts across the Theatre audience, and I kind of see him there.....

As ever, the piece ends and there is ...silence, And then the roof falls in.

Second set.

They have sold a lot of CD's in the pause.

An old friend comes in whose daughter Marlies is a rising star. His wife is broken with MS. Apparently I sent him a DVD years ago with,'Nothing so bad it can't get Better,' on it. He thanks me for that, I just feel totally inadequate. He has got a piece of his world falling apart, and I worry about mine right now? Wake up sunshine.

His starbound daughter later tells me my photograph hangs on the toilet wall, I'VE MADE IT!!!!!

Set two, and the comfort that you know that you have got them right there in the handcenter. It is not any one of us, it is the sheer chemistry of the three and that which I realise is the sum total of all the parts that makes one devastating piece of action. You would never understand, for you are but there to listen and to watch; but to be caught up inside it when, like a ballooon it is running before the wind is the greatest elixiir.

Down along the songs like milestones on a road until the final, 'thank you's,' and 'Paradise Row'.

That ends, as do we on a standing ovation and two encores. Then that is it. We have done what we do well. Sell a night of memories, The Chuch was special; as were the people, and Neil the excellent soundman and I have a whole raft of tales to tell about Scotty; Elvis and the Sun Sessions.

Marlies left with her new CD and a smile, her Dad promised me pain on my personal road but sunshine at the end of it... I like sun.

Love to you all,

As George said,

It is all there is

The right wing of our audience
Left Arrow Geleen, Holland Zaandam, Holland Right Arrow