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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Agora Theater, Druten - 27th October

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Weather wise it was a bit grim today with clouds and a bit of rain every now and then. But that didn't mean our spirits were down!

Nice Mr. Jan rolled up in good time, so we had plenty of time to sit down for a cup of coffee. Today we were to do a gig in Druten, which was the very first one that Nice Mr. Jan did with us last year. On the way we had to go on a little ferry to cross one of Holland's biggest rivers. All in, it was right enjoyable!

We got to the theatre early and were welcomed by Coen. He was really on the ball and within no time we were unloading the vehicle, building up the stage and tuning up. In the meantime Ruurd and Jan-Jelle were busy setting up the lights.

After Linda set her equipment up she went down to the dressing rooms to do the ironing (that's women's work after all - don't worry Mom, that was a joke), Chris walked around in the dressing room area and Nice Mr. Jan and I walked around in the front bit of the theatre. There we discovered the remaining of a fair for second hand clothes. There were about a dozen ladies trying to clean up and rearrange the foyer. As Nice Mr. Jan and I felt that we were more in the way then anything else, we decided to walk on a bit and found a piano. Whoopee, we thought, time for some musical fun! Full enthusiasm we started jamming in 'quatre mains' style. Unfortunately not for long, because as we went along we discovered that some of the black keys were loose and so they kept on falling of the keyboard, which resulted in some strange sounding harmonies - or was it something to do with our piano playing skills?

Hmmm... Anyway, we went back to the theatre hall and checked out Chris and Linda. By this time Linda had done all the ironing (which was a fair bit I have to say, because Coenraad Heijdeman was coming again tonight to take photographs).

Not long after that Coen told us that dinner was about ready and invited us down to the foyer. A catering company served us a three-course meal including lots of vitamins (something you don't always get during touring). There were lots of vegetables and for the desert we all sorts of fruit! Also the meat was very tasty. So thanks chef, that was some good nosh.

Thijs, the manager, came in not long after we finished our main course and we set around the table and had a nice chat about all manner of things. During our chat, more and more volunteers were coming in and started re-rearranging the foyer and cleaning up. One by one we removed ourselves from the table to make ourselves ready for the show (dress up, tape the last bits of lead down and some more wandering around).

When it came to concert time we were all fired up to deliver a good show again. It got rather funny in places, particularly when in the first set Chris asked the front row to do a solo on 'Long Time Running'. He didn't have his glasses on apparently, 'cause the front row was filled with one couple. Luckily in the second set the front row got filled up nicely.

Also a member of the audience was John Sonneveld (producer for a.o. the Golden Earing). We've been discussing the possibility of John being involved in the making of our last album. We're happy with the idea that John is going to be involved, but of course it also depends with which record company we're going to deal for this album. Afterwards we had a chat with him and his lady (we found out that at one point he staid in exactly the same cabin at the Eekhoornnest as where we're in at the moment).

We also had a chat with lots of other people, new and old friends. We met up with Peter who will do some tour managing work for us, when Nice Mr. Jan is not available. But I'll explain more about that in my write up for Arnhem as that will be the next one for me and also the next time we're going to see Peter again.

To cut a long story short, in the foyer we had lots of fun, there were a lot of requests for the unbeatable parrot and we also got the invitation to come back to do a concert during our final year, next autumn.

After we said goodbye to everybody who's been so great to us, we packed up the car and drove back to our little haven of peace - the Eekhoornnest. Tomorrow will be another day.

Our audience
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