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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Private Concert, South Africa - 25th September 2007

Linda Simpson writes - It all seems so far away now that we're home but I felt we should just mention the very last concert in South Africa, which took place in the garden at the Culwick's house on the Tuesday before we left.

We had such a fabulous time with these people, seen such wonders and they have taken us everywhere, making sure that we see as much as possible in the time available. How do you repay such kindness and hospitality? The only thing we could think of was to offer to do one last concert, a private one, in their own garden for their friends and family.

Paul and Lorna

I have to admit that this was not so much 'an offer' as a request as we really wanted to do it for ourselves as much as anything. Just one last chance to play in a country that had completely blown us away. Paul and Lorna very kindly said yes and set about inviting an audience for us.

The day was hot - we spent it in the garden falling in the pool from time to time, eating ice cream and not much else. We talked of all the wonderful things we had seen and couldn't believe that we had done so much in such a short space of time.

I only took about three really good photos (and hundreds of not very good ones) so I have included here the giraffes that we saw in the safari park and a shot of Arlyn and Matt on the top of Table Mountain, I will spare you the third.

As the sun went down we got stuck into preparing for the 'gig'. We stole Luel's bedside light as a spotlight and hung it in the tree that we had chosen to shelter our 'stage'. We had another spotlight pointing out of Lalena's bedroom. It was all great fun. Matt helped to prepare salads, Arlyn set up a mini disk to record the event (also hung in the tree) and before we knew it people had started to arrive.

Blankets and cushions were thrown on the lawn and we met so many good folk that I can't even start to name them all. It was only what we would expect - the friends of such wonderful people also had to be wonderful no?

We started to play, truly unplugged the best sound in the world. It was a magical time and when it came to 'Backroads' we told the story of Matt getting pelted with underwear in 'Velp', Holland. Not to be outdone, these people raided poor Lalena's underwear drawer and threw her very best knickers and bras at Matt. I'm not sure which one of them was more embarrassed but the rest of us were laughing so hard they just had to go along with it.

Arlyn did a couple of songs in the middle (very nice too) and then we picked up the tempo and played out on Ordinary Man and Paradise row. As the last notes dies away we felt so sad that this was the end of our South African gigs - but boy what a great time we had had.

I didn't get a shot of the whole audience but I think the shot of Lorna and Paul says it all really - I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.

The three wise men... (photo: Matt)

Bye, Bye, South Africa - we will be back!!!

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