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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Schouwburg, Arnhem - 31st October

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Today would be our second day this week to go to Arnhem, as we did Radio Gelderland yesterday. In the morning Chris and I were working hard on booking theatres for our last Dutch Theatre tour. With the pace we're going now, it should be shaping up nicely by the end of this tour, as suddenly a lot of the theatres want to have us as this is their final opportunity to book us.

Having worked on the theatres for quite some hours we didn't notice to time flying past and soon we got a bit of a shock when the phone rang. It was Nice Mr. Jan to say that he was nearly at the Eekhoornnest, followed by Peter who would come along for a night to see what a Magna Carta gig was like from behind the scenes as he will be doing some tour managing jobs for us at times when Nice Mr. Jan can't do it.

Peter Jan

In a few minutes we heard the familiar knock on the door, followed by the appearance of Nice Mr. Jan and Peter. Peter came in his own car, so we could have a go at trying to fit the equipment in his boot, which it did. Then we had some time left for a nice relaxing cup of coffee before setting off.

Chris went with Peter and the equipment and Linda, Nice Mr. Jan and I went in the other car. When we came to the motorway, it became clear to me that Jan and Peter have spent more time on the road together in separate cars. They made way for each other and gave little signals to each other as we went along. It made the trip to Arnhem very enjoyable.

As Chris apparently didn't get a lot of sleep the night before, he asked Peter if it was OK to grab a couple of Z's. It was from that moment until we arrived at the theatre that poor Peter had to be put up with a snoring passenger. In our car, the three of us were chatting away merely.

Once we arrived at the theatre, Jaap, Michel and Paul welcomed us in. They all helped us to get all the equipment down to the theatre hall and as a well-oiled machine we started to build up the stage and we got ready for the sound-check. Paul, the sound-engineer, got a very good sound in a very short time. In fact from arriving at the theatre to the end of the sound-check cost us slightly over 45 minutes.

There was plenty of time to have a wander about in the theatre and to have some cups of coffee. Paul arranged for us to have dinner in the main building, which was basically across the street. There we had a wonderful meal served by Kees, who was ever so nice. Over dinner we discussed many things, amongst others the current situation of the Dutch music industry and the differences to the way it use to be in the seventies and eighties. Also Paul told a lot about his experiences in mixing the sound for lots of different kind of events. It was very enjoyable and we agreed on a lot of statements made during the conversation.

At about 7.00 pm we made our way back to the theatre and got ready for the show. Back at the theatre we met Ad, who was doing lights for us. Linda had some serious trouble with her throat and forgot to take her lemsip along, so Peter got out and found a chemist that was still open to get her some. Thanks Peter, you saved the night! Before I got changed I walked up to sort the guest list out. At the cash desk I bumped into Annet (an old classmate of mine from uni) and her Mom, which was very nice. We spend a little time to catch up on things, but after that I really had to make myself ready.

Not too long after that it was show time. The atmosphere in the theatre was lovely and I found the audience great. Personally speaking I had a wonderful stage mix as well, coming back from the monitor so I as a happy teddy. As we went along I recognized plenty of familiar faces of old and new friends (sometimes being on a stage can feel like being a rabbit on the M1, but tonight I could actually see quite a way back into the hall, which I found rather nice).

Afterwards we came out to have a chat with the members of the audience who decided to stay for a drink and we got to write on some albums. After that rush was over, I had some proper time to speak to some other friends of mine (Benno and Jeroen) with whom I'm in the middle of recording a demo. I introduced everybody to them and we got chatting for another quarter of an hour. Then we decided it would be wise to start to pack up some things.

As fast as we build the stage up, we took it down and put everything away in the right places. As I was doing some recording with Benno and Jeroen the following day, I went back with them and had to leave Chris, Linda, Nice Mr. Jan and Peter. We said goodbye, made the last jokes and walked into different directions. An end to another wonderful evening!

Our audience
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