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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Bluescafé, Apeldoorn - 16th May

Linda Simpson writes - Things are starting to get a bit out of hand - I am trying to get all the washing done and keep up to date on the diary and e-mail, but on a run like this it all gets a bit crazy.

We were due to set off about 4 so I managed to do quite a bit to get us straight and then, with very little time left, we decided to have boiled eggs for breakfast (yes at 3pm!!). We've lost the timer that we had last year, but Matt tells me he's got a timer on his new 'all singing, all dancing' mobile 'phone.

Chris likes his eggs almost raw so I put all the eggs in, asked Matt to give me three minutes, and then started setting the table.

After three minutes (on the old bio clock) I asked Matt to check his timer because I was sure it should have gone off.

Bea tries the Gibson

'Not yet' said he.

'Must be' said I, and removed the first two eggs.

'Oh, er, yes, you're right...'

Matt had set the timer for three hours!!

No harm done - I counted to sixty a couple of times for our eggs and all was well.

Breakfast finished it was time to set off.

The last time we worked in Apeldoorn we got very lost - the one way system had us beaten and we went round the police station several times before finding the way in so we were wondering how Doris would cope, especially as there has been quite a lot of re-organisation of the town centre in recent months. Amazingly she didn't hesitate and took us straight to the gig - past a very nice shop selling 'Native American' gear. We stopped outside the venue and Chris ran back around the corner to the shop but it had already closed (tee hee).

Ben, the organizer of this, and last year's, charity event, was there to meet us. We had a nice chat and then loaded the stuff thro' the door onto the stage.

Once it was in I popped out to get some hair gel. I found the shop and as I was looking for the gel I spotted an egg timer - couldn't resist - bought it for Matt! I think he wanted to kill me - especially as it was in the form of a large pink clockwork egg.

The gig was set to start quite late so we sound checked and got all that sorted out with Diete and then went next door for some excellent kebabs. I couldn't finish mine so wrapped it up for later.

When we got back the place had started to fill up a bit. I must admit I was a little dubious that this was going to work as a charity gig. We love the place, but it is a blues café and not everyone is comfortable in this kind of place. I needn't have worried; in the end it was just fine.

It was great to see Jan, the owner, again. We had quite a few friends turn up too and it was a fun gig as always (even though the dressing/store room was a little cramped!). We had lots of nice comments on the songs and the charity did make money - mission accomplished! Thanks also to Coby and Kees-Jan; who are also involved with the charity.

We chatted to quite a few folks after the gig and Bea had a tootle on my new guitar. It's working out quite well playing a few numbers on that because it takes the pressure off my hands a bit. It's also a very nice guitar.

At the end of the evening Chris and I walked to the vehicle, which was about 8 minutes away, brought it back and loaded up, then we said goodbye to everyone. Matt walked with Jet to her car, we bid farewell to Hans and Bea and eventually set off for Soest. I think it was around 3:30/4:00am when we got in.

Our wonderful audience
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