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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Schouwburg Odeon, Zwolle - 6th December

Linda Simpson writes - We worked here several years ago, someone told us about 5 years ago, but apart from remembering the theatre I can't remember anything about the concert - I can remember lyrics that a learnt when I was 5 years old - but not a concert from 5 years ago - what am I like?.

The welcome this time was very warm but once again the technical staff didn't have the specifications. It's such a shame, because it's so much easier for everyone to have details in advance, but these guys were very professional and it didn't take long to get organised. Pretty soon every thing was sounding great and we could relax knowing that we were in capable hands. Jet and Harry turned up in the meantime and we wished Harry a slightly belated Happy Birthday - it was a special one and so we have to find him a special present - we're working on it.

The theatre balconies

I decided not to eat before the gig tonight and used the time to write up the diary for the radio that we'd just done.

I was almost finished when Karen White came in as the theater representative - yes the surname is English - and so is her husband! She and Eric-Jan sorted us out with drinks for the dressing room. They really couldn't have been kinder to us.

The theater has three concert rooms and, right next door to our concert room, a mother and son were doing a play. It was something they had always planned to do but when she got cancer they realised that life can force your hand sometimes. I really felt for them as my own Mum died of cancer 10 years ago. It's a hard one to take and a difficult subject matter for a play but we heard later that it had been a success. I wish them well with it.

The concert room where we were playing was quite something. Dating back to the 19th century; it had recently been redecorated in the original colours. I took a few photographs and hoped that they would come out OK.

The boys came back to get changed and before we knew it - it was show-time.

I don't know what happened, here we were with a great sound, thanks to Wart (pronounced Vart for the English readers), and a really pro lighting guy, Henk, but for some reason we couldn't get into our usual concert mode. We were enjoying it - we just couldn't find the extra spark that usually kicks in at the start of the show. The result was a rather more laid-back evening than usual. There was nothing wrong with that - and the playing was good, it was just a bit strange for us. Of course the audience didn't know any of this and even Jet and Harry, who have seen many concerts, didn't see a difference. I don't know why I told you that - it was just out of interest really.

The night went very well but to avoid playing 'Airport Song' I told the audience that we had done it in the interval and they had missed it!

I had asked if Wart could record the evening and Chris turned his amplifier down on stage so I was able to do the same so that more guitar could go through the desk. As we came out of the concert hall, Wart was playing back the recording - it sounded great. We have already used the recordings from Laren to make the CD for 'The Friends' and I wish that we had done the same there as we made less mistakes - but that's the way it goes! We will be able to use the recordings from Zwolle as demos for the business though - so that's a great result.

By the end of the evening we had truly had a smashing time. I was certainly relaxed because, instead of rushing around to see everyone and then getting back to clear up the stage, I lost all track of time and spent ages just shooting the breeze with some nice folks in the bar. It also looks as though we'll be back again next year, which will be another one to truly look froward to.

Thank you all for a night that will stay with us until we meet again.

As I wrote this I was listening to the recordings from Last night, smiling at the mistakes, and I just happened to look up to see a fantastic sky. Nature is a wonderful thing.

Some of our audience
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