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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

De Lantaern, Zevenaar - 28th October

Linda Simpson writes - We love doing this gig but we don't like the get-in; - they don't open the place until 7:30pm, which leaves very little time for a proper sound-check. We had phoned some time ago from home (in England) to arrange to get in at 7pm but it seems that the message never got through', consequently we were sitting outside the place for 30 minutes - cold and fed up.

Tabby May came to play - joined by her brother, who also plays nice guitar, but sadly she didn't get the chance to do a proper sound check. We didn't check properly so that she would have the time, but it didn't happen because they let everyone in and told her she'd have to check before playing. I wasn't too happy about that - it's better when everyone has a decent check, but in the event they played first and it sounded just fine. I think I have already mentioned that Tabby made an album - but it doesn't hurt to mention it again.

Thank you Tabby for opening up for us - nice material too.

Chris telling yet another story

There were many familiar faces tonight and it was like a rocket taking off - they were out to enjoy themselves and we were happy to help.

Harry came to film it - he's had a few attempts at that - the first time he couldn't get any sound from the desk. I'm not sure what happened to the later ones but, on this one, he apparently couldn't get far enough back - it's a wide room but not very deep, so he had half of Chris and half of Matt on either side of me! Some things just don't seem to work out sometimes.

All was going well until the end of the first set. We played 'Fields of Eden', and suddenly the violin came through at deafening volume. Poor Matt - we had no control on the stage so he unplugged and used his microphone - it seemed that everything had gone nuts as the guitars were suddenly too loud too. It's horrible when things like this happen and you have to rely on the soundman to sort it out. Rob, who was on the desk, said he had no idea why it had happened, which is not much comfort.

Matt and I started the 2nd set with Sandy Denny's song - 'Who knows Where the Time Goes' but as I've had a bad throat all week we did it without the microphones. Somehow it's less intimidating to go for high notes when you're not standing in front of a microphone. It worked just fine and we might do it again if we get the chance.

The next song was a new one 'This time Around' - we started it, but the sound was so high that we stopped and asked Rob to turn it all down. That was a bit better but we could tell that it still wasn't good. There was little we could do about it and I couldn't help feeling that a proper sound check would have helped us to avoid the problem.

Anyway, the spirit in the place was such that the sound wasn't the most important factor. Matt's leaping about had everyone cheering, Chris' road stories had everyone laughing and the last song 'Rings Around the Moon' generated so much feeling that it was coming back to us on stage and almost has Matt in tears.

It was a great night - and as usual at the Lantearn the time slipped away easily. It was suddenly 2:30 am and we were still chatting to friends. It was time to go home.

The Desperados, with whom Matt plays whenever possible, had also been out on a gig so when we got back they were still up partying, Chris and Matt went to say hello while I did the emails and sent off some diary entries.

As we were blessed with an extra hour we squandered it and went to bed at 5am (which was only 4am due to the time change) - sometimes I think we are completely bonkers. Three weary little musicians headed for bed. At least we get a lie-in on Monday - yippee!!

Just for the record - it's not easy to keep this diary up to date when we're working as intensively as we have been this week, but have you noticed the speed with which our webmaster gets the entries onto the site? He's really a hero. He loves Jenever so I reckon we'll have to take several bottles back for all his efforts.

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