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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Theater van Vlaardingen, Vlaardingen - 2nd December

Linda Simpson writes - Before going to the gig we went to meet up with Nico and Trudi who thought that we might like to play at 'The Proveniershuys', close to their home in Schiedam. We first visited them in their house (lovely soup Trudi - thank you) and then went around to the venue where we arranged to play in Spring, 11th of May if it all comes together, details will be posted in the diary soon. We didn't spend a long time there because of the gig - but it's always nice to visit someone's home - then when you think of them you can place them in their rightful place. It might sound silly to you - but we have a lot of friends who have never been to our house - and we've never been to theirs - it's very strange.

All too soon it was time to move from Schiedam to Vlaardingen for the concert.

I thought we had been totally spoilt by The Singer Laren and that the rest of the tour couldn't be as good. But...

We got a warm welcome from André and loaded in. There were not many folks about at that time so we started to set up. The dressing room was really cosy - with everything that we could possibly need, it was almost like being in your own living room.

We were just about ready when the sound and lights guys came in (Joost and Merijn respectively) and we made steady progress towards getting a good sound. There were a few things wrong with the contractual side of things and that caused a bit of a delay but everyone was really helpful and we did get it sorted out.

Joost and Merijn were so quiet at one point that I thought they had gone off somewhere and we started having a bit of a chat - poor things were sitting there waiting for us! Ah well - life doesn't always run smoothly.

They might not have had the kit that they had at the Singer, but they did make a great job of it. The sound was really excellent, monitoring the same, and the lights were also very good (I had several comments after the concert about both sound and lights).

They fixed us up with mini disk too - so once again I was curious to hear the results. This place was much smaller than the Singer and so the guitar problem was compounded - other than that the recording was excellent and we've kept it as a reference point.

There were lots of people that we knew at this concert and afterwards everyone was telling us how the spirit of Magna Carta had been reborn - it's good to hear that kind of thing because I think we did lose it for a while. Chasing the business is soul destroying and, although we have never lost sight of the music, I think there have been times when we've tried to do what we thought was expected of us - rather than what we feel to be right. Now I hope we're back on track.

I forgot to take a photo of the audience tonight - until they were all singing at the end - so please don't think they were doing goldfish impressions. They were a great crowd and the fact that I was in a very silly mood didn't seem to bother them one bit!

Matt played a blinder - Chris and I came 2nd and 3rd.

At the end, after talking with the good folks who came to see us, we had a great chat with all the guys from the theater. They were a smashing bunch of people and isn't it nice that when we called up today - they booked us back for next year on the 6th of November.

So - thanks for everything and we'll look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Some of our audience
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