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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Jazz Café Take Five, Venlo - 8th May

Linda Simpson writes - We played Take Five on the last tour, it was a great night then and we looked forward to seeing everyone again. We were not disappointed - we had a lovely welcome from Bert and we had plenty of time to set up the sound and have a bit of dinner before the people came in. It's so nice not to rush.

The counter that Linda liked

As we had our dinner I noticed that one of the counters was very ornate - beautiful in fact - but I couldn't work out anything else and there were no other markings on it that I could see. Bert told us that an American had made him a good offer for it but it was an integral part of the place and it will remain so. It would be nice to know its history though.

The exterior of Jazz Café Take Five

The audience was as enthusiastic as last time and when we got to 'The Fields of Eden', Matt suggested that we dedicate it to Twan Mientjes, the reporter who did such a great write up for us, but then died suddenly shortly afterwards. I'm glad Matt suggested it because Twan's wife was in the audience. She told us afterwards that it had not been easy for her to come but we were at least able to tell her how much we had enjoyed his company.

It was a great place to finish with and, surprisingly, we had more comments about the music, lyrics, playing etc. than we'd had at any other gig.

Venlo is quite a long way from Soest but, although it was going to be late when we got back, we simply had to do a 'Gas station stop' - for a last coffee on the road together - are we daft or what?

4:30am we got back to our cabin in the woods and fell into bed - not all in the same bed I hasten to add. I have to confess that we were all a little weary - but happy that it had been such a great time (mostly).

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