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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Klif 12, Den Hoorn, Texel - 26th November

Linda Simpson writes - Ah Texel - we have such fond memories of this place and we've been looking forward to this since we started the tour. Cor and Sebastion are the owners and the driving force behind all the productions there. I don't know if they are aware of it but they are a great asset to the island.

We decided to go early. Cor almost had a heart attack last year because we were rather late having missed one boat by about 3 minutes - but of course that meant that we lost an hour waiting for the next one.

Matt sees the light - at last

This time we left nothing to chance. Jan came for us at noon, we had a quick coffee and off we went. The idea was to arrive between boats so that we could go into the café and have chips. This has become a bit of a tradition so it was a bit of a scramble when we got there 15 minutes before the next boat was due. Matt and Chris ran to the café and grabbed the chips and we just finished them in time before we had to get back into the band-buggy and get on the boat.

It's a very short crossing and we were laughing because we thought Cor would probably be just as shocked that we were so early. In the event he handled it very well.

With more than enough time to spare we started the sound check process. Mischa gave us a bit of instruction on the desk and then Jan got stuck in and soon had everything on line. There were a few problems, every sound system has it's own personality and this one was a little wayward and stubborn but eventually we had a very nice sound - thank you Jan.

I was more than grateful that Jan was there as I certainly wouldn't have been able to manage. He looked very funny in the sound booth tho - almost as if he was on TV.

We had lots of time to get ready and it was so nice not to have to rush. We had a lovely dinner and a chat with everyone and then went to get changed.

As it was Sunday we didn't have too much audience from the mainland, they only really come on Friday and Saturday nights due to the fact that they can't get off the island at night. It was therefor a nice surprise to see that Fred Stark was there with his family; Nico and Trudi also came, so we had some familiar faces as well as friends from the island.

It was a lovely night as always. It's hard to say why we love this place so much. Cor and Sebastion of course, and Nicky the dog, but there's more to it than that. Maybe it's the island itself; it has a strong feeling of its own past and its own identity. In the winter it is especially beautiful. I couldn't compare it to anywhere else that we have been, so I think you would have to go there and find out for yourself, if you haven't already been.

We enjoyed doing the concert. The islanders are not easily impressed and know when you're giving your best - which we did of course.

After the show Matt met with the people who had asked if they could open up the evening. Knowing that it can be a bit hit and miss we had asked them to come as our guests instead. I was really happy when they accepted because I hate to offend people and our reason was genuine. To be honest I wasn't on top form, and when we'd finished I just wanted to sit down. It took me a while to remember that they should be there, and I hope they forgave me for my bad manners.

Cor was, as always, the perfect host and it was good to relax with him after the concert. Like everyone else he has had his problems but it had been a particularly hard time for him recently and we appreciated the fact that he still took the time to be with us after the concert.

When everyone had gone we went upstairs for our last drink before turning in. We were a little 'left of centre' at that point and I can only just remember setting the alarm before throwing myself at the mattress.

Breakfast had been arranged for 11 am - I thought it was 11:30 am and so set the alarm for 10:30 - not a good result, but the best you might expect at 4am!! So? Who cares anyway?

Our audience
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