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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

't Eekhoornnest, Soest - 5th May

Linda Simpson writes - We always try to do a concert at the Eekhoornnest - it's a tradition now - it wouldn't be the same if we didn't. Anyway - we decided to set up the gear on Thursday, after we had been to Amsterdam. More culture? Oh yes - we like a bit of culture, we do.

'Barners' (our new name for Matt - he now calls us 'Simpers') came over just before lunch and we all caught the train to the big city. The reason for this trip? We'd spotted that there was a Rembrandt exhibition at the Rijks Museum and we just had to see it.

I can't remember life without Barners - he is now such a big part of the unit and it's a lot of fun having him around. We all get on really well and the amount of laughter we share proves it. He plays us off against each other with such skill that it has us in tucks. I'm not sure that his Mum would be too pleased about the fact that people often think that Chris and I are his parents but...

Anyway, we landed in Amsterdam and wandered around a very hot city, taking in the diversity of life that can only be found in such places. I always feel so happy to know that I can go back to Hebden at the end of a tour - the big cities don't hold lasting fascination for me.

It was a lovely day so we decided to walk it and by asking (and guessing) we eventually made it to the exhibition, which was just fantastic. We were all in awe of the talent that produced such fantastic art. We could have stayed in there all day but the sound check beckoned, work always comes first.

Once out on the street again we reverted to our usual stupidity and started looking for a junk food café. We found one within seconds and each ordered the equivalent of three heart attacks along with a large beer apiece for good measure. The waitresses were not the usual Amsterdam stand-offish style, they were all great characters and one even agreed to have her photo taken with our 'sex symbol' Chris - just to keep him happy (it worked). After that we found an ice cream parlour (I love ice cream) called Ben and Jerry's (surely they got that the wrong way round?). After upping the cholesterol to 10 on the Richter scale we waddled in the direction of the station again. Although I had enjoyed it I was very glad that it was eventually time to go back to Soest - my feet were complaining almost as much as I was.

Back in Soest our friends had started up the BBQ - it was festooned with burgers and such like - more junk food - HEAVEN (the diet starts when we get home!).

After a few beers and as much food as we could manage it was time to do the sound check. I have to admit that it was not easy - we were in 'party mood' and had to put a stop to that in order to get serious and do some work. By 1 a.m. (we did start late) all was sorted and we were ready for a good night's sleep - Piers muttering something about buying a reverb unit the following day - we should have taken more notice of that comment!!

The Big Day: We have christened the Eekhoornnest resident family and band 'The Eeks' - it seemed like a good idea at the time. The plan was that we would play first - then The Eeks (or Desperados if you prefer, then us again to finish off.

The audience started coming in at around 8pm. Tabby came and brought 'Roxy' a scrap of puppy, so cute, part Yorkshire Terrier (mostly I think) and so adorable that just about everyone wanted to steal her, including me. Tabby agreed to play a couple of songs with Chris. She is recording an album right now and Chris played on a few tracks for her last week - for more news of that check out her web site

I sang the first song and then Chris joined me on stage and we found that Piers had indeed bought a new reverb unit because he tested it on Chris. It was very funny; Chris was repeating himself without meaning to!! After that it was the usual mad evening.

The Desperados are really getting so much better and they have their own fan club now - the founder member is a young chap, an Iraqi, who has learnt all their songs - even the ones in languages that he doesn't speak himself. At 11 years of age he took the stage and helped them to sing a number in Spanish - what a star!!.

It was late when we finished so I arranged to get up early and help Piers clear everything away the following morning, I knew I wasn't going to like it the next day but it was going to be easier.

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