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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Saul Canal Festival, Gloucester

Linda Simpson writes - We did the festival gig but my computer crashed and I have only just fixed it so don't have time to do a proper write up of the gig.


We did get there on time.

Lee had to sit in the audience to play the first gig because the monitors had blown up!! It was so hot in the boat that you could have cooked the Sunday roast (complete with Yorkshire puddings) as we were playing.

The evening concert was just great - everyone was blowing in the same direction and we gave a good account of ourselves. A big thank you to Lee and Stewie who both came for the hell of it, and to Jen for putting up with us all.

I'll try to do a proper write up when we get to Canada (if I get the chance).

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Not only did I get the privilege to do the write up for the Salisbury Festival. I'm also asked to give you the long expected update of the write up for the Saul Festival.

We were asked to do two gigs that day. Stewie and Jen already got themselves down and also Lee was there when we came to the festival site. I really like to work with Stewie and Lee. They are such nice people, great sense of humour and beautiful musicians. Every time the five of us go out, it gives a special feeling to me.

It was very, very hot that day, and the first concert was INSIDE an iron boat. As Linda already wrote, the monitors had given up the ghost earlier that day and both audience and artists got roasted. After our first concert we met up with friends who came to the festival, my apologies for not calling everybody by name, but one of them was Thelma, who also organised the concert we later did in Wales.

Given that England was still in the Football World Cup and had to play against Portugal that day, every food stall had a long queue. Not many people were actually costumers, but football lovers, who wanted to see the match on the TV screens in the stalls. Linda laid herself down on some bails of straw, in the shade. While the rest of the funk bandits had a beer and a cackle at the festival site.

I wished that the English showed the Portuguese, something the Dutch failed in. But unfortunately England lost the game and they were out of the race. This caused some irritation at the football-loving- festival-goers, but what can you do...

In the evening we prepared ourselves for another set, this time on the (slightly cooler) main stage. Again we went out, worked hard and enjoyed ourselves, while doing a great concert.

Afterwards we got a lot of great reviews from both visitors and festival crew. That's always a nice feeling. We took a little time to cool down a bit, and after that Chris, Linda and I went back home again. Another long whole...

Lee Abbot (base guitar) and Matt Barnhoorn (fiddle) Ian Stewart (Mouth Harp)
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