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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Salisbury Folk Festival, Wilsthire

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Hi all! Linda asked me to do a write up for the Salisbury concert we did. It's a good exercise for my English writing as well. Hope you'll enjoy it.

The Salisbury Folk Festival. It was one of the big ones (so to speak) we've been looking forward for, for quiet a while.

The day before we set off we had a lovely evening doing a rehearsal with Chris 'to get the juices flowing'. We agreed to make it not too late, because it would be a long day tomorrow (Chris wanted to do the trip in one go... meaning 307 miles (not kilometres) down and 307 miles back up again). At 1.30 am we packed up our instruments...

Chris on stage at Salisbury Folk Festival

At 8.00 am the alarm clock woke me up. Linda was already downstairs and I started buttering the buns. We packed Harvey's luggage (because he went to stay for a night at 'auntie' Trish, in the village). We grabbed a quick shower (not at the same time, of course), brought Harvey to his address for the night, packed the car and off we went.

Well, the journey went well. We saw some big queues, thankfully at the other side of the motorway. We had a little stop every now and then, when we needed diesel, had our sandwiches on the road and had a great time singing songs, having burbles and sleeping (apart from Chris).

At about 4.00 pm we got to Salisbury and had a very warm welcome by Garry how was the stage manager for tonight. He was a wonderful spirit and very helpful. After showing us our dressing room (on the information we had stood we were in dressing room 4, but we had to follow the signs for dressing room 2 to get in our dressing room: 6 - try to get that one ;) we were asked for the sound check.

Neville helped us with getting the gear ready and John and Rob (who also did the sound in the main tent at the Saul Festival) got a great monitor and out front sound.

Garry offered us some coffee and sandwiches and Chris and I brought the merchandise to the merchandise stall. It was here we met Paulo Gorgi and his daughter, who came all the way from Italy to see us doing the festival. It was great to finally meet him, after the stories I've heard from Chris and Linda.

As we were the third act on that evening, we had some time backstage, which we spent resting, listening to the other acts and making the set list. We went downstairs with the instruments and there were James and Richard to help us to get the instruments on stage as quick as possible. We also had a chat with Keith Harris, the organiser of this great event, and again a very nice person.

We did a great concert, we all really enjoyed going out there and play for all these people. And when we looked into the wings of the stage, we saw the whole crew and a lot of colleague musicians standing there to listen. That was a very special feeling. The audience was great and we were aloud to do one encore. It was a smashing night.

Our Salisbury audience

After packing up we had some time talking to the crew and going down to see the audience. Again we met Paulo and his daughter.

After we said goodbye to them, we started loading up the car and got ourselves ready to go for a long trip homewards.

We set off at 12.15 am and got home at 5.45 am. I couldn't manage to stay up all the way. Linda did nearly (the last miles she was struggling). How Chris does it, I don't know. But I have a great respect for him, doing all this. When we got home, Linda and I unloaded the vehicle and at 5.55 am we were all in bed.

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