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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

RTV Noord - 26th October

Linda Simpson writes - We started emerging from our beds at 10 am.- I got the shower first, then Matt, Chris was last but the hot water lasted so that's good.

Jan came at 11:15 just as we were finishing our breakfast of scrambled eggs. Very nice it was too. The instruments were put into the vehicle and off we went. A beautiful morning, but too warm for this time of year at 23 degrees. I suppose we shouldn't complain as the cold weather will come but it feels all wrong somehow.

The interview

Anyway, no traffic jams and we arrived three minutes early - perfect. Jans came to the door to let us in and we made our way through a very impressive building to the studio where we met Michiel (who has mixed sound for The Rolling Stones - impressed? We are!!) and the presenter Karel. At first they seemed a little reticent but as we started to set up the joking started and we were soon laughing. Michiel obviously really knew what he was doing and this time we were not completely live so we decided to try the new song: 'This time around'. It is a beautiful song written for two dear friends who have a new baby. We have only performed it live twice so it's still very new - and we're still having a few problems with the harmonies. I also change from finger picking to rhythm and can't figure out a way to pick up a plectrum without leaving a hole, so it is by no means settled yet.

I'm glad we did try it because they liked it and, even though it wasn't perfect they played it on air. No- one can steal it now because the radio play is an automatic copy right - useful huh? The interview was very funny too - poor Matt keeps trying to tell people how he joined us - and we keep making up silly alternatives. In one interview Chris told everyone we found Matt in a dustbin at the back of a theatre - today we said that he's stolen our pizzas - and so it goes on.

When it was all over we went downstairs and on the way out we asked on reception for some stickers for the instrument cases. This proved to be more complicated than we expected and someone had to be summonsed to bring them downstairs via the lift. Chris tried to peel the sticky stuff off the back of his and it all went wrong - there was still a thin film of paper on the back and so it wouldn't stick. As they had only brought exactly the right amount it meant another 'phone call to remedy the problem. Chris was complaining that we had come all this way to play them some songs and all we got was a lousy cup of coffee and some non-stick stickers. We were laughing so much that people were coming to see what was going on. It was good fun - thank you Jans. Michiel and Karel at RTV Noord.

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