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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Radio West Session - 13th October

Linda Simpson writes - Yes, we were working last night. Yes, we had to be at the radio station at 10am. Yes, we had to set off at 8am. Yes, we had to start getting up at 6:30am... but we did have the rest of the day off!!

With the new shiny Sat. Nav. Everything was going to be so easy!! So we put in the address of the radio station - and it wasn't recognised! Neither was the post code - so it was back to the map again!! Ah well at least we can remember how to use one!!

Matt crying because he can't get it right - photograph: André Koolen

Yet another beautiful day but I was in trouble because I said we should set off early to make sure we got through all the rush hour traffic.

In the event it seemed that no one was in a rush at all - at least not those going in our direction - so we got there about 50 minutes early. It's not nice knowing that you could have had a bit longer in bed - but being early certainly beats being late and at least we could relax a bit, and drink lots of coffee.

It makes all the difference knowing that you don't have a concert to do - we really enjoyed setting up and doing the sound check. Kees (sound) was on the ball so there were no problems. There was a lot of laughter and when André joined us it got worse (or better depending on your point of view). Then Chris and Matt started to get playful and became two naughty boys. André didn't help the situation as he heard them sing 'The Gorilla Song' and decided he wanted a version for his show on the Friday, which meant it had to be recorded properly.

Ron Davids, it was his show after all, wanted three songs and an interview which went really well. The Gorilla Song was also completed after which we packed up our gear then went for, you guessed it, another coffee before we left.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning but having been very lucky with the traffic on the way there - we were hit by everything on the way home. It took forever to get back but we took the scenic rout to avoid all the traffic so we didn't have to sit for hours in jams. The whole process took 6 hours - almost a full day's work!!

It was still gloriously sunny when we got home and we made the most of it (not) by having a snooze before getting up again and having a bit of a rehearsal in the evening.

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