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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Radio Soest - 7th & 8th Decemember

Linda Simpson writes - We called them last week because we wanted as much publicity for Amersfoort as we could manage. We had already had some nice write ups in the local press (thanks guys) and whilst sorting that out we found out that Soest had its own radio station. I couldn't believe that we didn't know about it already but 'better late than never'.

Chris and Jean

We gave them a call and asked if they might be able to fit us in. The first chance was on the morning of the 7th at 9:30 am - which meant another 'early' start for us. We never complain about that when people are helping us - but we're not morning people so it's usually really funny. Thursday morning we were true to form and we arrived in manic mode.

The folks at the station couldn't have been nicer - the coffee was on the table (we needed that!) and we were then introduced to Jean, the presenter, and Tom, the technician. They made a great team and we were soon in the studio chatting away like old friends. Jean has a great sense of humour and we were soon laughing at all kinds of silly things - the audience must have wondered what on earth was going on.

We got on so well that Jean suggested that we record a Christmas special which means that we will be home when it is broadcast Once again we will be in two places at once! As we are getting close to the end of this tour we didn't have any option but to do the recording the next day, the 8th, before setting off for the gig. We agreed that we would be there again at 1pm the following afternoon. We asked if they would like to come to the concert; Tom and Jean were busy but Hettie said that she's like to come so we arranged for her to have complimentary tickets.

Our audience

The evening of the 7th we were going for a meal with Piers and Ineke because we won't get another chance now until next year. We went to The Oriental Swan, a really lovely Chinese restaurant. As ever, the conversation was as sparkling as the company and we had the kind of evening that you can only have with old and dear friends. The meal was excellent and beautifully presented - it was easy to see why they have such a great reputation.

Piers had filmed the gig with the Desperados, we watched part of it before going out. The boys watched the rest when we got home - while Ineke and I had a nice cup of tea and a chat. We will miss them when we go home. I hope that they will maybe come and visit us again in the summer - if they can find the time.

When we got back to our cabin I got straight back to the computer. I was trying to record the concert from Zwolle onto the computer so that I could edit it. The record company wants to hear it because there has been a real buzz about this tour. Somehow we have to make a proper album this year - the material is so strong it deserves to be done the best way possible. We do at least have some good recordings from this tour, which is more than helpful and we're very grateful to all the sound-technicians who helped us to achieve this.

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