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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Radio M Session - 6th December

Linda Simpson writes - The 5th of December is a special date in Holland - Pakjes Avond - (translation - gifts night). This is the night when they give silly and sensible presents and write silly poems for each other. It really is rather nice and, as Matt was with us, we decided to do it properly so we had a mad 40 minutes opening presents before having dinner. It had to be a bit special too so, instead of the usual junk, we had roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing, mashed potatoes, roast onions, Cauliflower, green beans and sprouts - with gravy of course. As you can't buy sage and onion stuffing here in Holland, our neighbour, Margaret, very kindly posted some over from England (thank you Margaret).

After that we had invited Piers and Ineke to join us but their kids, who are now all grown up, surprised them by turning up with presents. Piers did come to explain and Ineke called to see us later so we didn't miss them completely. Piers is helping me to do the CDs for 'The Friends' as he now has a machine that makes several at a time. This is really good news as I thought I would have to do them one at a time and it takes forever.

Beauty (Conny) and the Beasts

All in all it was a lovely day - we really did enjoy all the fun and we still have a traditional Christmas to look forward to in England.

We didn't want to be in bed too late because we knew we had a radio to do today, then a gig, then we have to be up in time to be at another radio station by 9:30am the next day. We turned in at about 1am (early for us).

We started getting up on the 6th at around 9am, I had a list of jobs to do, including a bit of ironing and getting the clothes ready again for the last few concerts (only four to do now). It's women's work so that makes it my job (don't worry it's a running joke on this tour). A bit of work on the computer and it was time to go to the Radio station.

We got Doris out of bed and asked her if she would kindly lead us into battle - or at least direct us to Radio M. At 12:15 she sprang into action and we followed her instructions to arrive 10 minutes early.

Annet came to show us where we should be playing and we took our instruments into a very comfortable studio. There were so many props about, including a gorgeous teddy that I wanted to bring home, that we realised it was probably going to be on the TV. We were not exactly dressed for TV and had completely forgotten that things are different these days. Radio used to be a safe place where you could perform in your dressing gown if you felt like it!! Sometimes modern technology is a curse.

We met the technician, Egbert, and there was another nice man there but I didn't catch his name (sorry) - he was mostly in the control studio so we didn't get to talk much, and I hope he'll forgive my ignorance.

The tempting teddy

Conny, the presenter, popped in to say 'Hi' and asked if we wanted something to eat - that was nice because we hadn't had time to get anything but a piece of toast before we set off and we would be going from the station straight to the gig.

The soundcheck was quick and professional and when Connie came back in it was time to do our two songs.

We decided on 'Shine' and 'Ordinary Man' because Matt hadn't brought a capo and we had to choose the songs accordingly - not that it mattered which ones we did really.

It was all over very quickly, and Conny actually apologised that we couldn't do longer. We assured her that we were happy to be doing just a short spot because we had a concert to do and had to be on our way. We did talk about the possibility of doing a longer session next year so we'll see if that can be fitted in for us when we're next in Holland.

While we ate some tasty sandwiches, Egbert ran off a copy of the show for us and we were on our way again - back to Soest where we would unload and pack everything into the 'band buggy' for the drive to Zwolle.

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