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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Ivy Bush, Pontardawe, Swansea

Linda Simpson writes - We met up with Thelma (the organiser of this venue) at the Saul Festival. We have fond memories of playing in Pontardawe some time ago and, as we knew Matt was going to be with us, asked if she would like to fit in a concert close to the festival in Cornwall. It all got a bit complicated when Chris got the dates a bit muddled up but we managed it in the end and the date was set.

Normally I just get the map out and work out how long it's going to take up and what time we should set off etc. but the various sites giving directions certainly make it easier to pin point the venue from the post code so I turned to MAPQUEST for the details.

Approx 223 miles, journey time 4hrs 28mins... That's what it said and I was daft enough to go along with it.

We set off at 11:30 am with an ETA of about 5pm. We only stopped for 30 minutes to fill up and have a sandwich apiece (that was breakfast) but at 6pm we had still not reached Thelma's house and so had to forego dinner at her place and head straight to the venue. I found out later that a friend of Thelma's had prepared the dinner, and I hope the lady in question will accept our apologies.

I hate being late and rushing to do a sound check, especially when it's so humid, but there was no stopping or relaxing - we just did the best we could and get on with it, completing the sound check as everyone was coming in.

Again the 'floor singers' were excellent and we enjoyed listening to them very much. The audience were so warm that I dubbed them 'thermal'. We had a good gig, Matt was a hit, everyone had a good sing, and we all went home happy.

We stayed overnight with Clive and Thelma, having a Chinese takeaway for supper (making up for the missed dinner). We talked for some time about music and the artists that had shaped our world. It got quite lively at times where we didn't quite agree, but it wouldn't be much good if we all had the same opinion would it?

We went to bed, fed and watered, and all slept very well thank you.

The next morning opened onto a beautiful day and so I took Thelma up on her offer of a walk with the dogs in the woods. We were high above Swansea so I took a couple of photos to make up for the fact that I had forgotten the previous night - sorry about that. I couldn't help feeling rather sad that we would not be going to Cornwall for the festival - it really was the perfect day for it, but that's the way it goes and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

At 11:30 it was time to leave Thelma and Clive to their weekend and get on the road for home. The highlight of the day was stopping egg and chips in a 'Little Chef' - boy do we know how to live!!

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