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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Kommissiehuijs, Nijega - 24th November

Linda Simpson writes - The days off have not been wasted. We have been getting next year's dates together - we're now up to 27 for the autumn tour so that's good. Quite a few are re-bookings from this tour - very unusual and quite a compliment.

Everyone has been saying that there's something different about us this time - we can't work out what it is, but I suppose it's not for us to say.

Anyway - Jan came at 3:30 and we had our customary coffee before setting off. The road confused us at one point with a new junction, and without Doris we went in the wrong direction, that will teach us! We did get there on time and found ourselves in a lovely 'café' with an art gallery at the back and a really cosy concert room upstairs. It reminded me very much of a village hall in England. It was perfect.

Forgive us - but being from the north ourselves - we love playing the north of Holland - or in this case Friesland. It's quite a long drive - 2 hours but it's nothing like some of the distances we have traveled - in fact if we were in the UK it would be a local gig!

Joke and Rienk's café

The sound-man, Bauka, was already there and setting up the equipment. We brought our things in and as we set up he went home to get a shower or something... I sometimes get the translation wrong because, having Matt with us, people now sometimes talk to us in Dutch. So I could have got that wrong. He only lives down the street and he was certainly going home for something. He left a CD playing it had great music on it and we are now trying to track it down so that we can buy one ourselves - no luck so far.

We finished setting up and had some lovely pea soup (snert) with little omelets in bread - yummy! I hoped that there would be no drastic after effects until after the concert - I need not have worried - we were fine.

Bauka came back and we set the sound, it wasn't a quick sound check - we had a few problems with a buzz in the system (it seems to be following us around) but we got it sorted out eventually and went to get changed. The place filled up until it could hold no more and, with our shared 'northern' humour, we had a lot of fun.

We're really pleased with the way the new material is shaping up. It's so strong - we have to get in the studio this next year - it's time to get it recorded properly.

After the gig we went back downstairs to the café for a drink. Joke and Rienk own the place but are I the process of selling it. It seems such a shame because they have given it a wonderful atmosphere and it will be a hard act to follow. I couldn't help but notice how personal they had made it. The piano used to belong to Joke's father (Matt played it a bit and it sounded wonderful) and there was a dresser, which had been left to her by a friend... I think that it will be difficult for her to leave too. We chatted with everyone and it was nice to see Jan Bos again along with his wife, Fien, who is a very elegant lady.

It was all so very pleasant that we stayed far too long. Eventually our Jan reminded us that we had to be up in the morning to do Omroep Ede... We had to admit that he was right - but we still stayed just a little bit longer - it's hard to leave when you're having a good time.

Thank you folks - we hope that we will see you again. The new people are thinking that they will carry on with the music so maybe will play there again and next time perhaps Joke will be in the audience.

We are doing one more Jan Bos concert at the end of the tour - it's also his birthday (or close to it) so we are looking forward to quite an event. The end of a tour is always a strange time but this time we should also have something to celebrate.

Our audience
Left Arrow Ede, Holland Omroep Ede Radio, Holland Right Arrow