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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Waag Theater, Leiden - 15th October

Linda Simpson writes - Well that was different. I'm sitting in Jan's vehicle (I'm not sure how to describe it really) with a laptop on my knee, trying to write the diary. We've just finished the gig in a 16th century weighing house where merchants would trade fairly using fixed weights instead of the dodgy ones by unscrupulous traders. In later years it doubled as a court house where witches were tried.

The building was imposing with vast oak doors, massive oak beams and the feel that only history can give to a place. They had partitioned the inside with glass walls and doors so that the interior could still be seen as it was. Poor Chris, this was his undoing. With great enthusiasm he walked forward to the hall, to see his old friend Iain Matthews, - not noticing the glass wall which was placed cunningly in his way - he smacked his head and said 'Ouch' (or something) - we tried not to laugh - we failed - ah well.

If the setting was different, so was the gig.

Matt and Iain Matthews

This was the first of a series of concerts, one a month, to showcase acoustic music in an atmospheric setting.

Iain Matthews called us a year ago and asked if we would do it. There has obviously been a lot of thought and care put into the project and it shows.

When we arrived, Iain was doing his sound check. The sound was great and he convinced us to abandon our amplifiers in the name of art. It was very strange for us because we are used to having our sound behind us and we felt a little left-footed but it was an enjoyable experience and it's not a bad idea to move out of your own comfort zone from time to time.

The other artist was Jeffrey Foucault from Wisconsin. He and his wife are both doing concerts here in Holland but not together; this particular evening his wife was working in Amsterdam!!

It was an especially nice evening for us as we also met up with some more old friends. It seems that this is an 'old fiends' tour for us - it's a nice warm feeling and of course it's great catching up.

It was a good concert, we had a lot of fun and hope the audience did too. At the end of our set we sang 'Stay young' and Iain joined us on stage for that one. He has such a sexy deep voice that goes right down to your boots, and he's a dab-hand at harmonies too so that was a double treat.

There was a short break after the show and then Iain had us all sit on stools in front of the stage so that the audience could ask questions. That was really interesting, the questions were good - and the answers not always what you might expect. I did wonder if we might be able to incorporate something like it on our normal concerts - but I don't know if that would work.

Everyone was really friendly - the sound and light technicians were on the ball (thanks to Tim and Juriaan) and Petra (did I spell that right?), the director of the theatre, was the lady who helped Iain to make it happen. In fact it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

If you are in the Leiden area I would recommend that you go to one or more of these concerts - not only will you get to hear some great music - you also get an insight into what it's like on the road for the performers. Every one is different and it's a great feature of the show.

So thanks Iain for asking us - and see you soon. You can read more about Iain's project here.

Our audience
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