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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Singer Theater, Laren - 30th November

Linda Simpson writes - What a great way to say good bye to November!!

Instead of risking another 'where are we?' incident we took Doris - I think Chris really loves her now, at least he goes all misty-eyed when she's mentioned!

I think we might have been a couple of minutes late - but we didn't struggle too much to find it.

On stage - photograph by Hans Veen

What a great welcome, and how nice to walk onto the stage to find it all set up and ready - and some fantastic lighting effect already on it! We were in, set-up and checked before we knew what was going on - FAST was the word and it was also a great sound. I asked if there was any chance of recording it - yes, direct to CD too - great!!

With more than enough time to spare we went for something to eat - that was when I noticed the leaded windows and realised we were in a lovely old building - around 1900 - but when I looked at the fireplaces I noticed some very old and beautifully carved stone side corbels - when I asked about them later it turned out that they were 17th century and from a house in Amsterdam. I find this sort of thing fascinating - but back to the gig...

We sat in a warm restaurant and ate a very yummy starter (smoked salmon and a pate) no junk food tonight! Then in came Jeroen - what a character! Larger than life and full of mischief -we had quite a giggle with this one! Next on the menu was wild mushroom soup - it was superb, following that was a main course of a posh pizza, although that description doesn't do it justice, and a large pastry vol-au-vent with a creamy mushroom filling. I was very pleased to hear that there was no pudding - I think I might have exploded!!

Back to the dressing rooms downstairs to get ready and then it was time to start.

It turned out that there had been a production a few days before and Roland (lights) had asked if the lights could stay set. The sound system was Electravoice - just about the best you can get - and the sound technician 'Ballou' was every bit as good as the system. We did our best to rise to the occasion and were concentrating extra hard to get it right. Edwin, the stage manager, was on the ball and everything ran very smoothly.

All through this tour we have been trying to get a recording of the new songs and it just hasn't worked out. The recordings done on my mini disk recorder were too low in volume, the mixes didn't work out too well for various reasons - or we simply didn't get it right ourselves. That all changed at The Singer - it all came together in one go and, although there are a few little mistakes from us, and the mix isn't perfect because of the on-stage sound (our choice) - we do at last have all the new songs in one recording !! This means that 'The Friends' will now get a Christmas CDR and we're more than pleased about that.

After the show we thanked all the guys - they had simply given us a great time and we really did appreciate it.

Some of our audience
Left Arrow Texel, Holland Soest, Holland Right Arrow