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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Schouwburg de Meerse, Hoofddorp - 25th October

Linda Simpson writes - We didn't get up too early - about 10:30 - so it was a leisurely morning except that we were running out of food and had to go out to the supermarket. Not that we would starve - we could probably run on last night's pizzas for a couple of days, but we like our breakfast.

Chris went off to Hilversum to meet up with a friends at Universal and to get a new case for CDs while Matt phoned a few theaters about next year's tour and I finished the diary for last night - and brought the accounts up to date. There's no messing about in this band!! At 3 o'clock we were ready to set off again.

Jan took all the equipment back with him last night so we only had to load in the instruments and clothes, which gave us time for a cup of tea with him before we set off.

Our audience

As the route took us close to Amsterdam we couldn't expect to get there without being stuck in a traffic jam, but we were lucky again and got there early... this is getting to be a bit of a habit!!

The stage was already set up for us and it was good that they had the information. So many times we find that it has never been passed on. Even though the details are always included with the contract, it seems that the technical department is usually left in the dark.

Sound check didn't take too long. Aad was doing the sound, Charlie and Nikki were on lights and stage management. Once the sound check was done it was time for dinner. It was not included in the contract this time so Matt and Jan went out in search of the ultimate junk food - kroket (Croquette) and chips, - it might be rubbish in terms of nutritional value but it tastes great. I took a photo but it didn't do justice to Jan - we'll try to get a better one.

Backstage the dressing rooms were really nice and there was a shout of pure joy when Chris found that one of the contained a hammock - that's a first I have to say. It didn't take long before Chris was in it - making phone calls and looking very content. Matt was so impressed he was telling us how we could get a frame that folds down so that we could take one with us...??!

The audience was a little quiet to start with but it really took off in the 2nd set. As ever, we had fun on stage. Matt has now acquired the nickname 'Little Noddy' and has become known for leaping about the stage on certain songs. It all started when we found out that he had been diving about the stage on Desperado gigs - the rest is down to a warped sense of humour and a desire to have a good time. There's no point in pretending that you're enjoying yourself - you've got to get on and do it - so we do. After all - this is what we chose to do, nobody forced us, so if we don't have a good time doing it there's something wrong.

We were given a bottle of wine each at the end of the concert, which was very nice, but we were hardly finished when the stage crew asked us to move all the gear as soon as possible. That's not easy when you're hot, still dressed in your stage gear and anxious to get out and say hi to a few people. We solved the problem by going out separately to say hi - taking it in turns to put the instruments away - that's something that we always do for ourselves no matter what.

Once that was done, Jan put the gear in the vehicle and we spent a little time in the bar before getting changed and sorting out the dressing rooms.

Jan stayed outside; it's not a good idea to leave instrument unattended and he's always really careful about that. I went out to let him go in but he didn't stay inside very long. I had already started to write this entry so I stayed outside intending to pop in and say goodbye when Chris and Matt came out - but Jet (the director's representative) actually came outside to say thank you and goodbye so I didn't need to. I thought that was really nice of her. She had enjoyed the evening very much and that's always good to know.

At 11:45 Chris and Matt came out and we headed home. We hit road works on the way back. I think I've mentioned that the Dutch are well together and do these things; off peak' whenever possible - not like the English who like to inconvenience the public as much as possible for as long as possible - often leaving the cones behind for a couple more weeks just for fun.

Right now it's nearly 1am - we're still 20 minutes from home and we'll be back on the road at 11 am to do another radio before tomorrow's gig. We're way up north tomorrow so it'll be a late one - that's just the way it goes. If you think that we have a good life you're right - if you think it's easy, think again.

I'll sign off now and get back to you tomorrow on the way home from the gig - if I can stay awake.

Chris relaxing before the gig
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