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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Posthuis Theater, Heerenveen - 26th October

Linda Simpson writes - And the gig...

By the time we left the radio the traffic had started to build up and we thought we were going to be late so we phoned ahead. Then the traffic started moving and it looked as though we might actually be early!! Dorris decided that it wasn't good to be early all the time so she sent us the wrong way down the motorway for a 20 Km detour - making us 10 minutes late in the end. Thank goodness for that - we do have our reputation to think of.

I passed on greetings from Michiel at the radio station to Eric - they used to have a band together and Eric said that he had learnt a lot from Michiel about sound. We knew then that we were in good hands. We met Tim who was doing the lights and later Russell. Who will, I hope, be amused to hear that I wasn't too sure if he was really with the theater - or had found a way in somehow and was just mooching about!! I couldn't have been more wrong; he was so nice and was actually the third member of the stage crew.

It wasn't sold out and we were told that they have put on more shows than usual this year, which has stretched the audiences a bit. No-one seemed unduly worried so we got on with the sound-check, played a couple of things through that needed tidying up a little and then it was time for dinner. Italian tonight - how about that? I had a mushroom sauce with pasta = Chris had favourite bolognese and Matt and Jan had carbonnara. The table had been laid and it all looked really inviting - it was in fact a very tasty meal.

Matt and Linda

We had a good gig, Matt's leaping about went very well. We asked someone from the audience to take pictures with our camera - he really took that to heart and took lots - sadly I didn't ask his name but if he happens to read this perhaps he will get in touch and let us know? I've actually had a look at the pictures and they are really good - it would be nice to credit him with taking them!

At the end of the night we did two encores - and a bonus track - Auntie's Gorilla. We actually played Airport Song as the very last song - it went down very well. Here we are trying to do lots of new songs and still people want to hear 'Airport Song'.

We were presented with beautiful flowers so our little cabin is going to be full of them for our days off - that's a treat.

When it was all over we went into the bar and said hello to everyone. I really like doing that - it's nice to know if people have enjoyed it. It's also good to hear if they haven't liked something - as long as it's constructive criticism we can always learn.

When the audience left we cleared everything away and then went back to the bar to relax and exchange stories. The director was very happy and it looks like we'll be back again next year - that will be something to look forward to.

After a couple of drinks - and a few stories it was time to go - sadly. Everything was packed in and we said our good-byes before hitting the road home. It was very windy and we were blown around quite a bit which is never nice for the driver. We passed a van pulling a caravan - then another - and another at which point we realised that we were following a circus called Arena. All the number plates were Polish and we have no idea where they were going, but there were more than 40 vehicles in the convoy so when they get there everyone will know that they have arrived.

We got in at 3am - it was 8 hours since we had eaten and we were a bit peckish so we had a snack and a chat before turning in at 3:30am - tired, but we'd had a good day.

Our audience
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