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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Acoustic Alley, Den Haag - 8th October

Linda Simpson writes - We got to bed at around 3.30am after IJmuiden and for this concert we had to be up, showered and ready for Jan's arrival at 10am. The concert started at 2pm, arrival time 12 noon for a sound-check. That meant getting up at 8:30, which might not sound early but it was only 5 hours after getting into bed.

We were a bit groggy but in high spirits when Jan arrived, the journey passed without incident. Chris' leg was much better (thank goodness) and we got there on time after a slight navigational error and detour arranged and orchestrated by young Matt who had the instructions.

Joep, the Sound Man

No matter - we made it and unloaded. It was a nice place, everyone was friendly and offered us coffee but it seemed that the sound technician was not quite ready. He had speaker leads, he had jack plugs, but the former were not connected to the latter and he didn't have a soldering iron. Lucky for him that we always carry one and off he went to do his thing.

It took longer than expected, eating into sound-check time, and then we got the next bit of good news - they had only 6 inputs and we need 7!! As luck would have it, we also carry a small desk, which can be added to another system to give more inputs so we used that to solve that particular problem. The next bit of news was - they didn't have a CD player which we need for the song 'Fields of Eden'. What luck - we also carry a CD player!!

I'm not blaming the sound guy, he probably never got it, but we did send a set of technical specs with the contract. If this happened in any other business there would be hell to pay - in our business - well you just have to carry all the extra kit - just in case.

By the time it was all sorted we had very little time for a sound check and the first act 'Gemstone' had even less.

The sound-man Joep was good, used to mixing jam sessions (which is an art in itself) so I doubt anyone in the audience would guess the circumstances, but it doesn't help us when that kind of thing happens.

Gemstone were very good - the singer reminded me a little of Ricky Lee Jones and Joni Mitchell - a good combination of styles in my opinion - and the musicianship was good too. It's worth a trip to see them if you get the chance. It's no good moaning that there is no new talent when you don't support those who are trying to get a foothold.

As Gemstone played, we were getting ready. I was thrilled (not) to find that Matt had saved me a yogurt from the night before. I knew it must be mine because it was in my bag - the one that I keep my make-up and boots in (amongst other things). The only problem was that it had a punctured lid and the contents had made their escape. Luckily there was no real damage - my new boots were unscathed and my iron had copped most of it. Henceforth Matt will be known as 'My little yogurt pot' - I'm not sure if he thinks this is a good idea but he's stuck with it!!

The gig was fun, it was probably desperation, but the buffer provided by Gemstone helped considerably and the fact that we also met up with Lizzie and Henk (two good friends from Rijswijk) had brightened the day.

It was hot in the venue but the audience was there to have a good time and we hope that's what they had... we certainly did.

Our audience

The Web Master writes - Matt gave me the URL of a review of this concert. It is, of course, written in Dutch so I have no idea whether it is complimentary or otherwise...

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