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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Theater 't Pand, Gorinchem - 22nd April

Linda Simpson writes - We first played 'Het Pand' back in about 1987. At that time the building was more or less derelict and Ferdinand and his lovely wife were running what, I suppose, amounted to a kind of theatre squat. No-one lived there (I don't think) but they put on regular performances, renovated the place along the way and eventually the council made the whole thing legal so that they were able to continue to support the arts.

Our dressing room

I believe that the people who work there are all volunteers and we have now played there many times.

The first time, in 1987, someone started playing the piano in the bar after the concert, the guitars came back out of the cases and I believe the resulting jam session went on until the early hours of the morning...

Loving the place as we do, we were surprised when we got to Gorinchem because someone had just lifted the road bridge and we couldn't get in! Luckily we knew another way so we weren't held up for too long (so don't try that one again!).

Matt was already there when we arrived and so we unloaded quickly and got ourselves set up. Hidde was doing the sound, Nanno the lights and Marco was also involved with the stage set up but I didn't ask for his full 'job description' so I'm not sure exactly what he was involved with - he did though and that's what counts. They made a very nice crew, it was especially nice to see Hidde again - he always spoils me with Earl Grey tea and he's such a gentle person. Turf also made his appearance and kept threatening to leave before the show started but he and Chris exchanged the usual rude remarks and he stayed to the end.

The Dreeflings came along, as did Walter and Kaori (Walter did the sleeve for the Paul Stewart album) and I think we also made some new friends - see the photo taken in the bar afterwards.

In the bar after the gig

One of the best features of Het Pand are the backstage rooms where you will find literally hundreds of photographs of performances and stage props everywhere - it's like a huge 3-D scrap book and treasure trove all in one. It's impossible to show it all but maybe the photo of the wall will give you some idea.

We had a good time and felt that the audience wouldn't mind if we played a completely new song 'Ordinary Man' - it went quite well for a first performance.

Afterwards we put the instruments away and joined everyone in the bar. No jam session, but a couple of drinks went down very well, a chat with some people who were starting a tour of concerts - including a trip to Ireland - they had enjoyed the night and we wished them luck with their venture.

Time to go home, we bid farewell to one and all and set off back to Soest with Matt - everyone felt that it had been a good night and we were pleased that the new song could now go into the concert set.

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