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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

It's All Over...

Linda Simpson writes - Having fallen into bed at such a crazy time we didn't wake up until lunchtime. That was very handy as it meant we could skip breakfast and go for the pancake that we'd promised ourselves. Pancake should be plural, it is not possible to share a 'Smikel' pancake - you have to have at least one each!!

Off we went, our little entourage, to have a farewell nosh complete with Maple Syrup - yummy in the extreme, and one more example of excellent junk food. It was a great meal we even sat outside, as the weather was glorious, but no matter how timeless it all seemed, we still came to the bit where we had to say goodbye to Matt. We waved, he waved, and that was it - gone.

I looked around the cabin that we had lived in for the past 4 weeks and realised that this pack up was going to be almost as bad as moving house. We had a statue, a massive waste bin and various other large items in large boxes that we had acquired along the way. I was suddenly faced with the daunting prospect of getting everything in the jeep - a jeep that had been pretty full when we turned up in the first place, joy.

The rest of the day was spent packing the clothes, dismantling the laptop and trying to box as much as possible.

One of the other residents on the park, Frits, had very kindly offered us dinner so I didn't have to do any cooking. That was very kind of him and it also provided us with a distraction for a while, saving me from tearing all my hair out at once. As the evening started to turn into a bit of a session (it happens), it was necessary to excuse myself in order to do a bit more packing, doubting it would all be done in time if I didn't at least get most things boxed up. Yes it really was that bad!!

Chris was quite late getting in so we didn't get to bed as early as planned but, even though the time had been well used, on Wednesday morning there were still bits and pieces everywhere.

The exterior of Jazz Café Take Five

Chris had to go out for a while so nothing could go in the jeep until about 11:30 am. The guitars went in first, then had to be re-arranged, then the amps, then the amps came out because other boxes fitted better in that place, and so it went on - things went in, things came out, things went back in again. It took nearly 4 hours to empty the cabin, fill the jeep and then clean up after ourselves; in the middle of it we managed to have a cooked breakfast and at the end of it a very welcome shower.

We had hoped to avoid the rush hour traffic on our way to the ferry but were later than we had hoped and so got stuck somewhere just outside Rotterdam, crawling along with everyone else. The weather was sunny, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits, so it could have been worse and it didn't make us late - it just meant one less gin and tonic on the boat.

As we went through passport control my blood ran cold as security started to ask what was in the back (I had visions of having to take everything out), but he took pity on us and let us go without too much trouble. I'm sure the boat settled a little lower in the water as we drove onto the car deck!

As we arrived in Hull the following morning the same thing happened again:

"What have you got in the back?"

We explained what we'd been doing and why we were so full, and I promised that there wasn't even room for an illegal immigrant mouse. Thank goodness that we looked honest as once again we were waved on. Phew, I don't even want to think what would have happened if we'd been asked to unload everything.

Once back home we unloaded - it didn't take as long as it had to pack I can tell you that, then it was time for a trip to the supermarket to stock up on food. After that the washing machine was brought into play and the mountain of washing began the transition to a mountain of ironing.

The garden was looking particularly overgrown and the kitchen table was starting to groan with the weight of unopened post.

One thing at a time - Chris started on the garden, I started on the clearing away and continued with the washing. By Friday evening the washing was dry, most of the things we brought home were put away and Chris had made a start on painting the fence (until the paint ran out) and mowing the lawn (until the mower blew up). It was 10:30 pm before we had dinner - not a bad days work behind us.

Saturday we headed to Scotland to pick Harvey up, Sunday we got back about 10 pm so not much else happened there. Harvey was sad to leave Ann; he's had a great time and now enjoys mussels and crabs straight off the beach, not my idea of a great meal but he looks well on it. It's not nice to see him looking so sad, but it is good to know that he's happy while we're away.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Chris continued working outside and I've been doing all the computer stuff - writing up the final gigs, transferring all the information form the laptop to the main computer and dealing with some of the post... nothing exciting. It's a good job we've got Harvey as taking him for his walks does at least give us a breather.

Today we've been home a week and we're still not straight - I wonder if I should get a proper job?

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