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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Private Function, Epe - 29th April

Linda Simpson writes - After waving goodbye to the Goyen family we set off for Soest, hoping to get there for about 2:30 so that we could shower before setting off to Epe for the private concert. This concert is an outdoor affair, given by Leen and Inneke, with a barbeque, a bar, and of course - live music. What more could anyone ask for?

The weather was glorious as we set off from Geleen, but 30 minutes down the road we ran into first rain and then sleet - oh dear - it didn't get better for the next two hours. As we approached Soest it was dry again, but still overcast, unsettled and cold.

Matt bought us some chips for lunch; we took them back to the cabin and added eggs - perfect!! My favourite meal!! We showered and it was time to go again. It was still cold and there were black clouds around but we were optimistic - we deserved some good luck after the previous night!

We got a bit lost on the way there - and arrived a bit late, but still in plenty of time to sound check before 'The Desperados' arrived. The Desperados are the band from The 'Eekhoornnest, they write their own songs and are getting better all the time. Tonight they are playing first and so we have a wander around and get ready while they do their sound check. It is still cold - but the sky is clearing and we're pretty sure that the rain will keep off.

First we had the barbeque, which I have to say was very nice, then The Desperados played their set, a change over and then we played too. The audience were sitting on bales of hay in another open tent opposite the one we were playing in. The spotlights kept us warm and they kept each other warm - it worked very well.

Round the camp fire

Once the main part of the concert was over, it was time for the best part of the evening - playing around the campfire. Leen made a permanent large circular sand pit with a hole dug into the middle of it for a fire, the edges are made w ith railway sleepers (or something similar) which make great seating. Once the fire is going everyone gravitates to this area and no musician could resist playing in such a situation.

We cleared all our things off the stage and went over to the fire where The Desperados were already playing under the night sky (see photo) we joined them and the singing and playing went on into the night as people joined in and sang, or sometimes set off singing on their own - it was fun and a complete antidote to the previous night.

One by one the guests left the ring and said their farewells. We wound up the music with The Desperados version of La Bamba and then the remaining few moved into the circle pulling chairs up to the fire, which was by then dying away. A perfect end to a perfect evening.

We don't tend to drink very much when we're playing, for obvious reasons, but after everyone had gone we enjoyed a few glasses of wine with our hosts - and exchanged a few stories of course...

We headed off to bed arranging to have breakfast around 11:30 (it was 4:30am by the time we got into bed).

The following morning was glorious - sunny and warm. Leen and Inneke greeted us with huge smiles and a breakfast fit for royalty - served outside. We laughed a lot and I made the mistake of saying that I liked the butter dish - Chris (joking of course) accused me of saying it because I wanted it and expected that they would give it to me. That was the start of a silly half-hour...

Chris as the auctioneer

Inneke loves going to flea markets, she buys things for fun and later sells them again. Most of these items were stored in the garden shed and on hearing this Chris decided he would check out exactly what was in there. He emerged with a typewriter and started an auction, Matt pretended to have a telephone bidder on his mobile, the typewriter was sold to Matt's contact for €400. Then came the wash basket and the shopping trolley. At one point Chris went into the shed for the next item and we all ran away to hide so that his audience was gone. It was delightful silliness - we were laughing so hard it hurt.

Another thing Inneke likes to do with the things she buys is to set up displays around the garden, one was an old fashioned wringer with all the old wash tubs, wash board etc. - she's very artistic.

We cleared away the breakfast things and, all too soon, it was time to go. Big hugs all round and away we went. It's a funny old world sometimes.

That evening we were invited out to dinner by the De Jong family - they are so good to us. I felt terrible because I had let slip that we had not realised that the shops were closed (it was the Queen's birthday) and I wanted to know where the nearest take-away was for that evening. I was certainly not expecting to be fed, but they are so kind they took pity on the stupid English and we had dinner together in Amersfoort. We did take photographs but we all had red eyes so I haven't included them - I don't want you to think we drank enough to cause it!!

We now have a break before we do 4 concerts in a row - starting with a 'friendly' at the 'Eekhoornnest Cantine. It's more a get together than anything else, VERY informal - and we're looking forward to it.

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