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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

The CC Nutszaal, Enkhuizen - 21st October

Linda Simpson writes - We're on our way back from Enkhuizen and the nice new 'sat-nav' took so long to find itself that we were halfway home before it was ready to tell us where to go... no matter - Jan has it well together and we don't care as long as we get back somehow.

We've been rehearsing a lot this week - to put in a couple of new songs... I'm sure most people don't realise how long it takes, especially when you want to put three part harmonies into something. I'd say that we have probably spent about 20 hours on the song 'This time around' - a new song written for friends who have a new baby.

I think it's one of the best songs Chris has written recently and it's a lovely one to play.

Anyway, that's not why I'm writing - but it does have a bearing on the night.

We had a call on the way from Joka - worried that we might not find the place because they forgot to give us a map. It's nice when someone cares but we explained that we now have a sat-nav (TomTom in Holland) and we would be fine. It did take us straight to it which was very nice - it does save us a lot of time not having to go round the one way systems - we always find it - but not always straight away. I gues we'll be missing out on some adventures now!!

Where was I? Oh yes - we arrived to find a lovely building tucked into a corner that we would probably have had a very hard time finding but instead, with Dorris (the name Chris has given to his new toy) we got there early - that was great.

The auditorium

We met up with Ton and Neals who were busy sorting out the lights and sound - we loaded in and set up and then started the sound check. This seems to be turning into the tour where we have problems with monitors. They seemed to take a long time to sort out but that was OK as it gave us time to run the new song a few more times. Once everything was set w had a nice dinner - shoarma and chips. We're starting to wonder what happened to the pizzas and Indonesian take aways - normally we almost live on them but so far we haven't seen either. It was a lovely meal - the chips were really nice; not the little thin ones but nice fat ones - yummy.

Our dressing room was a storeroom; quite a big one and we did have a table and chairs and it was certainly not uncomfortable, just interesting. You should see some of the places we've changed in!! - I could almost write a book about them.

The place was sold out and the audience was responsive. The start of the concert is now a 'Ba boom' affair - they did very well. Matt tries to count then in to go 'Ba boom' in the right place but it always seems to go a bit awry and the result is actually very funny. It breaks the ice and then we can relax and have a good time.

The first half went well but the ceiling was very high so had a natural echo which was making it a little difficult to sing - especially as the monitors, which had taken so long to set up, suddenly decided they didn't want to play!!. I think they came on again later in the concert but not very loud and it's not worth trying to mess about with these things when you're already playing - it usually gets worse rather than better! Everyone said the sound 'out front' was fine and that's what counts.

We're playing new songs on this tour and we're still finding our way with some of them - things do tend to evolve on stage - it's a strange process.

The 2nd half came, the 2nd half of the 2nd half - and then we couldn't put off playing it any longer - we had to do 'This time Around'. For a first attempt I thought it was pretty good - it was certainly better than we had it at the sound check so we were pleased enough. At the end we have put 'Rings around the Moon 'in as the last number. For some reason it really got to me tonight and I had trouble singing it - it happens sometimes - especially when the song is one that really means something - I hope everyone will forgive me.

We're always open and honest with audiences. We've grown up together and we have shared the same experiences so we have a bond. The younger people who come to the concerts also seem to enjoy the intimate atmosphere - it's something a little different. As the audience left the concert room they were treated to an impromptu version of 'The Gorilla Song' from Matt and Chris, and then the song about worms - I'm sure they must think we're nuts - and I also think they are probably right.

Afterwards we talked to some people in the bar - we got into the peanut butter conversation again - I can see that we're going to have to bring lots of it on the next tour.

We thanked everyone for looking after us - and it was time to go home. It looks like we'll be back again next year so we'll have to start saving up for the peanut butter now!!

Thanks for a nice night - now it's back home to get some sleep - we're back on stage in 12 hours!!

It's a great life if you can hack it.

Hope you have a good holiday in Belgium Neals.

Our audience
Left Arrow Leiden, Holland Aalsmeer, Holland Right Arrow