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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

't Eekhoornnest, Soest - 1st December

Matthijs Barnhoorn writes - Another write up in Dunglish.

Tonight it promised to be a special concert again: The Eekhoornnest Concert.

It is something we intend to do every time we're doing a tour in Holland. And for the last couple of years we 'share the bill' with the Desperados - a young band from the area around Soest / Amersfoort. And for all you out there who've heard the introduction of 'Backroads' during this tour, yes it's true I join them when Chris and Linda are back in England.

For the Desperados the concert started on Monday night - setting the stage up, checking the settings on the mixing desk, followed by a rehearsal.

On the afternoon before the concert Linda and I went down with the gear to set the stage up for Magna C. In the Cantina we met Piers de Jong - the owner of the Eekhoornnest and one of the nicest people on the face of the earth - who was fixing some more lights for the show. When the stage was set, we started plugging the equipment up, which was followed by the line-check.

Henny Barnhoorn in his skirt - photograph by Anita Stark

It didn't take long until the Desperados arrived. After our line-check we marked our settings on the desk. Chris and Linda went home to prepare themselves and I stayed to plug up the Desperados and to do the sound-check.

This took a little bit longer then expected, so I had to rush down to our cabin to get some dinner. There I heard a lot of familiar voices - the Barnhoorn family had arrived. It has been awhile since we'd last been together - all at the same time, so this was quite something. Unfortunately I didn't had much time for them, as the Desperados expected me back in the Cantina as soon as possible.

Coming back in the Cantina I got a warm welcome from a lot of friends, old and new. I'm sure Chris and Linda got that same well-known warm Cantina-welcome.

The atmosphere was right from the word go.

The Desperados went out for the first set. Apart from being great mates, they also make some good music, very danceable and great for 'leaping about'. The audience got really warmed up and we had a great time on stage.

After a short interval it was time for Magna C. to do a set. The Eekhoornnest concerts are very loose concerts and it's great to play for a lot of friends and change the set with the feeling of the night. That's exactly what we did tonight. We played all the new songs combined with earlier work. It felt really good and the response from the audience was great.

Then suddenly, from the Highlands of Borculo, a bagpipe player appeared during the set... my dad! Dressed up in kilt and retro Medieval shirt he marched in. After a quick salute, a short tune and some funny comments from Chris, he marched out again leaving us all with an annoying beep in our ears. Thanks Dad! Tee Hee...

Before the concert started, the Desperados and Magna C. talked about doing some songs together as well - the famous third set! Out came all the percussion instruments and guitars and we jammed our way thru Rock 'n Roll history. One song reminded us of the other and so we went on for another hour. We finished the night off musically with 'Honky Tonk Women' and after that we had a great time with the friends.

A smashing night, full of joy and spirit (well, you know what I mean).

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