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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Agora Theater, Druten - 6th October

Linda Simpson writes - OK here we go for the first installment...

We left the UK on North Sea Ferries, as we always do, on Wednesday and arrived in Holland on Thursday morning. We were a bit later than normal due to engine maintenance so we were surprised to hit quite a few traffic jams on the way... But I guess Holland is just like everywhere else these days.

It was just great to get back to the Eekhoornnest in Soest (nice and central for the whole of Holland) and see all our friends and buddies again. This is after all, our 2nd home.

We unloaded all our supplies. I was very upset when I realised that I'd forgotten a few things that we can't get here (Sarson's vinegar and sage and onion stuffing for starters). If you ever come over from England make sure you bring your own tea bags - we didn't forget those thank goodness!

Once everything was thrown in I set about organising it to make it home (that's my job in this partnership and I wouldn't want it any other way). By 5pm it was looking better and Matt was on his way to join us.

The evening was spent rehearsing - we've got quite a lot of new material for this tour but it will have to go in a bit at a time. It's almost impossible to do it all in one go when Matt lives in Holland and we're in England - but we're working on it.

Darrell (Cuddles) couldn't make it for this tour - he is just so busy - so we contacted a friend of a friend, Jan, who agreed to drive for us whenever possible. He arranged to pick us up for the first concert, Druten, at 3pm the following day. The tour was underway.

Jan arrived smack on time at 3pm, we had met before but it's not easy to get to know someone in a short space of time so we had a chat and then loaded up. I was really impressed, I have never known anyone who could pack gear so tightly - no fuss - just straight in; brilliant. The next nice surprise was that he knew the theatre well and there was no need for map reading. Things were getting better all the time!

We arrived on time and met the people who were looking after us: Harry - sound; Bram - lights; and Reinier - I'm not sure of his job description but he was very helpful with everything and kept everyone going.

The theatre's foyer

We set up our own equipment and then linked into theirs. There was a problem with the monitors, which caused a delay, but eventually we were sound-checked and ready for dinner.

The theatre was new and had a lovely reception area where we had dinner. Tiny looked after us very well and the food was really nice - a proper dinner rather than pizza or takeaway food. I'm not complaining about takeaways - in fact I love them - but you can't beat proper food and it's a treat when it comes our way!!

The concert was very enjoyable, we were on good form and a bit on edge due to the new material. That put a fire into the performance that is hard to explain, but we loved it and so did the audience because they also had a ball. We were presented with lovely flowers at the end of the performance (I miss that in England) and there was talk of another concert next year so 'Watch this Space'.

A lot of people commented on the sound and lights (thanks Harry and Bram) and Jan looked after us extremely well.

We miss Cuddles of course, but I'm sure that he would be the first to be pleased that we have another real pro working with us.

So that's the first gig done - we've got a long way to go but the time will go fast - so we're going to make the most of the time and really enjoy ourselves - that's what we do!!

Our audience
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