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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

de Gruitpoort, Doetinchem - 17th November

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Good day to you all. Linda gave me the honour to do the write up for this concert - as it was a sort of a reunion concert for me.

After having had a great time with Sieb Kroeske, doing his radio show, we all woke up in great spirits. The morning was filled with some business and in no-time it was time to pack up the vehicle. Unfortunately 'Nice Mister' Jan wasn't with us today, because we would stay the night at my parents house in Borculo. The vehicle got loaded up, we had a last cup of tea and off we went. Doris was merely giving the instructions from the windscreen (I do love her approach of the Dutch language), while we enjoyed the Autumn colours down the road.

Although there was quite some traffic on the road, we arrived at the theatre early (I think we picked up at this habit from 'Nice Mister' Jan. It's very good!). Linda and I went into the theatre to let them know we arrived. We got a great welcome by the staff. Pim, sound, Antoin, lights, and Diederik were very busy arranging the lights and sound. We got our equipment in, built up the stage and made ourselves ready for the soundcheck. Harry Pater, the press officer for Holland, came to make a video recording of the concert. He was shortly followed by Jet, who would do the merchandise for us.

We did the soundcheck and made ourselves ready to go out for a meal. This was quite funny, because at seven o'clock on a Friday night it is highly recommendable to reserve a table. There wasn't a table reserved anywhere, so we went into about four restaurants, all of them either full or they couldn't get the food prepared in time. Finally we found a lovely place that had a meal ready within ten minutes. The food was great and the waiter had a great sense of humour.

Our audience

When we arrived at the theatre again, I saw the foyer filled with familiar faces: schoolmates / friends and tutors (I've finished my course for teacher primary school in Doetinchem this summer, so most of my old schoolmates and tutors live in this area), my family, friends of my parents and of course some of the friends that keep coming to the MC-concerts. Everybody had picked this concert out to come. It was great! After a quick 'Hello' to everybody, I joined Chris and Linda backstage.

The theatre was sold out upon sold out (with two extra rows of chairs... sold out). The crowd came in, we went downstairs to the stage. We got the cue and Linda and I started the show. I couldn't help but notice that the 4/5 of the two extra rows were filled with all my friends, that gave me some goosebumps.

The show itself was great. It was the first night that we played Linda's new song 'Shine'. I really like the song. It's one of those songs that, after it's played leaves me with a good feeling. We also got great reactions on the other new material that we played. We really enjoyed the concert, being on stage for about three hours was a sign of that.

After the concert it was time to say hello to everybody. I got surrounded by my schoolmates and we had a great natter about things we did after the course. Unfortunately to all good times there comes an end. So we had to say goodbye (not before we agreed that after the tour we would catch up again for a cup of tea). After that we had a nice chat with Merel, the programmer. She was really sweet and got everything under control. We really enjoyed her company and hope that our roads cross each other soon. We had to pack up (Linda already started as 'Nice Mister' Jan wasn't there - that doesn't mean that we expect him to do all the work, he just does it... always three jumps ahead is 'Nice Mister' Jan) and set off. My family took my gear with them, because before going home we were invited to Harry's place.

Harry lives in Doetinchem and he invited us for a cup of coffee together at his place. His love for music was clearly reflected when we walked into his living room. We met Lebbis, the cat, who acted more like a dog than a cat. Very cute. After a lovely cup of coffee and a nice natter we had to go. We said goodbye to Harry (no doubt we're going to see him again soon) and we disappeared into the night.

About 10 kilometres away from the final destination that night, we got stopped at a police check point. They were breathalysing every passing driver. Sitting in an English car gave some confusing and the police officer and we were up for a cackle. When it came to the question: 'What is your age, sir', Chris smoothly answered: 'None of your business'. In the end we left the officers nearly on the floor with laughter.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at Barnhoorn Towers, where we had some sandwiches and a nice cup of tea. All too soon it was time to head for bed. It's been a good day: we'd done a good concert, great to see a lot of my friends and falling asleep at my parent.

Doris taking us home
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