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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Fransche School, Culemburg - 8th Decemember

Linda Simpson writes - Jan was waiting for us - ready to load up and go - which we did as fast as we could because Fridays are a bit of a nightmare As we went down the road we heard them talking on the radio of 12 Km jams all over the place. Jan had picked a non-motorway route so we were actually OK - once in a jam there's not much you can do, so it's good to stay away from them if possible.

The Maestro

We got there in good time and met the sound and lights guys - and the other people working with the stage. I hope that by now, those people reading this will realise that it's a tight team, artist and theatre technicians have to work together to give the audience what they are expecting to see and hear. Sadly it is the artist that either gets the praise when it's good - and the blame when it isn't. It just isn't like that. If we're great and the sound is bad - we sound bad. If we're bad and the sound is good - we still sound bad. So, it's down to us to give them something to work with - then it's down to them to work their magic.

Tonight they did us proud - Vincent and Joos made a great job of the lights and Coen was a master of his craft who produced a great sound.. We don't see the lights and we don't hear the same sound as the audience because we hear mostly the monitor sound - but we have a fairly good idea - and we hear what people are saying. Tonight everyone seemed to agree that it was all top class. We do love to hear that - it's good to know that the team worked well.

It was recorded tonight too - in fact I'm listening to it as I write this and it's another good recording. Now we can chose our best performance from the recordings that we have for the record company.

Our hosts tonight were Hettie and Hilda, they were really nice - making sure that we had all we needed and making us feel very welcome and comfortable. In fact all the theater people were helpful, polite and friendly. It's such a small thing - but so important.

Anyway - the gig was good, we were back to normal and walked out onto the stage determined to enjoy ourselves. I was stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted one adorable guide dog sat right on the front row nestled under her master's chair. I did ask her name, but not how to spell it, so I'm not going to risk writing it down, but she was special.

The audience seemed to enjoy the music, but the dog remained unimpressed throughout. She reminded me of our old dog 'Henry' who used to come to gigs with us, and fall asleep on the stage!

Jan and Marion came along so I handed over the CDs and Christmas cards for 'The Friends'. Marion had found some Pringles 'salt and vinegar' crisps for Matt (very hard to find in Holland) so they left them on stage as a surprise for the 2nd half. Coenraad joined us too - and brought his camera again. I felt bad about that because the idea was that he could come and enjoy this concert. His lovely wife Jacqueline didn't come this time - I hope it wasn't because of the camera. Please be our guest in spring somewhere - no cameras allowed.

Some of our audience

We went into the bar afterwards and had a nice surprise when we saw Heleen and Kees-Jan. we met Heleen in a gas station a few years ago - they later called in on us in Hebden. We had only just moved in really and everything was such a mess we felt a little bit embarrassed that we were not really geared up for guests. We did our best and it was actually a pleasant evening, I was just sad that we couldn't offer them a bed, but we were still in a tiny caravan ourselves. They didn't seem any worse for the ordeal and it was nice to catch up.

A couple of Jan's friends had also come, Conny and Ronald, I didn't get chance to say much to them - but I hope they enjoyed themselves too...

I think we overstayed our welcome a bit - but we were having such a nice time - sorry Hettie, perhaps you shouldn't be quite so polite - sometimes you've just got to throw people out!!!

We got home at about 2am and had a drink before turning in. Amersfoort tomorrow.

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