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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Doopsgezinde Kerk, Aalsmeer - 22nd October

Linda Simpson writes - Wow - that was a good time.

After last night's concert we got back to our cabin in the woods, where we intended to get to bed and get a good night's sleep... it didn't happen. There was a party going on so Chris and Matt decided to join the boys for a drink and I thought that, if they were not going to bed yet, I could sort out the diary.

They came back in some time later, by which time I'd found quite a few other things to do - and then Chris wanted a bit of something to eat. By the time we had finished it was almost 4am - we agreed that we were nuts and then went to bed.

Four hours later the alarm clock went off - this was an afternoon concert and we wanted to be there at 12 noon as we had no idea how we were going to manage with a PA that we had never seen before. The church didn't have a P.A. of its own so Leen Mulder, who has an equipment business around the corner from the church called 'Stage Music' , very kindly offered one but he couldn't be there to operate it. That meant he was trusting us to sort it out and use it - we thought this was an amazing thing to do. We need not have worried. It was a really nice PA, very comprehensive, and the sound was just great.

Jan and I set it up and did the sound between us - he was just great and I have to say it didn't take too long from nothing to a completed sound check. We have invested in a mini disk player/recorder to record all our performances but it's new to me and I had forgotten to bring the instructions so we couldn't record the gig. By the end of the evening I really regretted not getting that together - I think it was one of the best performances we've ever done - we were flying!! Ah well - I'll make sure that doesn't happen again!!

Pierre, the promoter, was amazed to find that we were there and almost set up when he arrived. He was a lovely man and we hit it off straight away. Nothing was any trouble and that's always a nice way to start off. We took the stage, completely relaxed and gave it our all. I'm not saying that we don't always do that it's just that sometimes we get a little bit extra from somewhere and this was one of those days.

We played the new song again and it came out just fine (why didn't I work out the mini disk?). The new material seems to be going down really well and I have to say that Chris is well on the case right now when it comes to writing.

The organ behind us

All too soon it was over - we had a word with a few people and Jan started to take down the PA. By the time I got back he had just about done it all and I was very grateful because suddenly we were getting hassle.

We had to get out of the back room immediately. We had been given the use of it as our dressing room and suddenly people were in there just moving our things out.

If they had told us we had to be out straight away we would have done it happily, but to do it this way was downright rude. The end result was that I had clothes and personal items strewn over chairs in the hall where people were still wandering about. I was not a happy bunny and did complain to an official looking chap who just said "No problem". I told him that it was a problem to me, that I liked to be treated the way I treat others and that this fell well short. He walked away - I left it at that.

Feeling very unwelcome, we then cleared the rest of the gear away and got out of the place as fast as we could. It was nothing to do with the lovely Pierre, they hadn't informed him either and I think they had also been rude to him. I was rather amused to find out that I had chosen the minister to complain to but I had been very calm about it and hadn't used bad language or anything like that so I didn't feel that I'd over-stepped the mark.

Well, it didn't spoil the fact that we had had a wonderful time and we were then on our way to the friends who put us in touch with Pierre in the first place.

Paul and Karin have been friends for about five years now - we met Paul in a radio station where he mistook us for an act called 'Bright Blue Gorilla' - we forgave him instantly and became firm friends. Paul plays piano very well and has a band of his own. They had also invited two other friends - Jeroen and Peter.

Karin cooked a splendid meal for the seven of us - it really was very tasty - and she'd also given us a choice of a pasta dish or meat in a wine sauce... both were yummy. We enjoyed the meal and lively conversation.

We were starting to feel the effect of only having had 4 hours sleep and were thinking of making a move for home when Paul started to play the piano. Before we knew what we were doing, the guitars were all out along with Matt's violin and we were happily playing music for each other. It was a perfect end to an almost perfect day. We got in at about 2am after a true night to remember.

Our thanks to Leen for the equipment, Pierre for booking us and being so nice and to Paul and Karin for their hospitality.

Our audience
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