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Current page: Welcome

Current page: Welcome

Magna Carta Warmly Welcomes You!

'Years ago I wrote or rather was given from a source unknown, the words to Lord of the Ages. The prophets and wise men and all workers of magic, warning of the reckoning, and the bewitching power of the Lord of the Dark. Sadly I never dreamed that I would see it all come to fruit.

Look around you dear friends. The world is going base over apex, the planet groans with our doings and who knows what the morrow will bring.'

Love each other. It is all we can do.' Chris.


The cover of the new Magna Carta album The Fields Of Eden - in the shops on June 15th, 2015

'Lord of the Ages' album cover - Magna Carta's fourth Gold album

Latest News
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We can now reveal the details on the 'Dutch Event' on May 31st.

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Magna Carta played a one-off concert at Hettie's Bistro in Skipton. The concert was sold out very quickly, without advertising! Only 50 people could be present and they had a great night.

Read more about this event (and see some photos) at the Notice Board


Linda Simpson will play at the annual Grassington Festival again, just like she did last year. Read more about this at the Notice Board

'Seasons' album cover - Magna Carta's first Gold album

Magna Carta have been delighting lovers of music with their live performances and albums since 1969. Over the years, they have performed in over 80 countries, sold over 8,000,000 records worldwide, and have six gold and three silver albums to their name. Most of their albums are still available, and they continued to fulfil a busy touring schedule until June 2014.

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